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Discover the 6 Madrid best restaurants to have brunch


The first is the first. You know what this gastronomic trend? It is the result of merging two Anglo-Saxon words, breakfast and lunch.

The idea is a combination of both. It arose because the time the servants of the British upper class families had Sunday off, These left them a kind of buffet that their bosses could serve. Today it is all one foodie trend which is usually performed on Sundays although in most areas is also available on Saturdays.

Typical ingredients are usually the hydrates shaped toast, pancakes and waffles; Y fresh fruit and protein such as meat or eggs. But Madrid have a great gastronomic offer. Thus, We teach the brunch we like The table is set!

Vertical Patio, a brunch in the heart of Madrid

This place is a benchmark for true coffee lovers in Madrid. Their brunch is available every Saturday and Sunday and has already won our hearts. The coffee Vertical Patio has two locations. The first, in street Almaden 26, right in front of the Caixa Forum and the vertical garden, which we believe has taken the name.

But the brunch menu on Saturdays and Sundays are located on the street Cruz 8, a central street a few meters from Sol and Plaza de Santa Ana. A place where besides enjoying the brunch also you can take your laptop and work one of the most charming environments and center Huertas.

Their brunch features a wide selection of breads, jams, juices, quiche, chicken basket, yogurts, croque monsieur and more. Definitely, a must on weekends for the "bruncheros" in Madrid. Yum! Yum!

Price: 14,90€

Reservation phone: +34 91 137 89 66

Zone: Cross Street, 8 (Huertas, Sol)

Surya, Indian that transports you from Callao to Mumbai

Hindi what never ceases to be fashionable; their food, his films made in Bollywood and now their brunch. The restaurant Surya It is a real culinary show, visual and sensory where you'll find a versatile and exotic offer authentic Indian street food with craftsmanship and very welcoming. If yours are colorful foods and are not afraid to spices or sauces ... This is your brunch!

Price: 14,50€

Reservation phone: 912 54 53 06

Zone: street Tudescos, 4

Propaganda 12. Brunch Champagne dram

A great idea for those who get black label on Sundays and want a different and surprising plan: "What would happen if we chose the wine first and then the food?”. So it raised in this local Chueca with 365 different wines in its letter and its Champagne Brunch that, held every Sunday, with a sweet and savory buffet, hot and cold drink and a glass of champagne every week is different.

Price: 25€

Reservation phone: 910 567 003

Zone: Calle Libertad, 12

Habanera, brunch Caribbean

Fresh cuisine, market, seeking that the protagonist is the product and tele-transport you to Old Havana with its typical dishes and setting inspired by the Cuban colonial architecture. his menu for two It has yogurt, fruit, eggs, croissants, salmon and ham, among many other things. ¡Viva Cuba beautiful!

Price: 20-30€

Reservation phone: 91 737 20 17

Zone: Genoa street, 28

Pan&Co, the New Yorker brunch Madrid

In true New Yorker style, each Saturday and festive Bagels are waiting famous, huevos Benedictines, Waffles, fruit, yogurt con granola, etc. All accompanied by natural juices or smoothies and real coffee 100% arábica Blend of Excellence. Not to mention the fabulous Mimosas and Bloody Maries day or dishes like fajitas or meatballs.

Price: 19-25€

Reservation phone: 915 63 60 69

Zone: Street López de Hoyos, 10

Opera&Brunch, The Westing Palace, a lunch for singing

Looking for a unique brunch? Each Sunday, live opera performed in the center of the diners next to a elegant variety of flavors including fresh seafood, prepared salads, hot and delicious dishes desserts. All this under a magnificent dome of stained glass.

Price: 83€

Phone: 913 60 76 67

Zone: Plaza de las Cortes, 7

For us these are the best brunch in Madrid, Now you decide if you want a brunch over coffee lovers as The Vertical Patio, another colorful as the Surya or the other where the opera has the role as the brunch just tell. Elijáis which elijáis sNSURANCE that You enjoy a day of different weekend and spectacular photos to give your friends envy social networks. Take advantage!

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Considered one of the most influential gastronomic marketing professionals in Spain, Diego Olmedilla is president of Aplus Gastromarketing, Director General of Facyre and has been Director of Marketing for Active FEHR, the marketing division of the Spanish Federation of Hotels and Restaurants.


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