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Discover ElTenedor events to attract customers throughout the year


ElTenedor es the leading platform restaurant reservations in Europe, and one of the main digital channels for gain visibility into the current restoration. A space where restaurants are reserves and disclose its cuisine, to the thousands of users who consult daily. The truth is that ElTenedor also offers restaurants, alternative events to draw customers' attention throughout the year and of course ensure full steadily.

They are activities that promote brand image of business, They provide an opportunity to improve customer dining experiences, as well as contribute to the growth of the sector. Check out these forms of promotion:

Gastronomy is solidarity in ElTenedor

Customers like to enjoy a good menu and participate in social causes. A restaurants love to satisfy their customers and also make good use of profits. Taking all this into account, ElTenedor created an event that allows both customers and restaurateurs, support charity projects.

Is called Restaurant Week and is a campaign 3 weeks where:

  • ElTenedor donates 1 € to the NGO Action Aid for each menu that customers consume in restaurants participating.
  • Users have the opportunity to to try haute cuisine menus at competitive prices (from 25 €), some even Michelin star restaurants, as well as contribute to a good cause.
  • The restaurant increases your visibility thanks to the fantastic broadcast event ElTenedor ago, Attract new customers and performs an action social responsability.
  • And of course, NGO ActionAid, receives a material benefit to provide food and supplies to children and adolescents at risk of social exclusion in Spain.

A round event, where all parties win and gastronomy becomes more solidarity. This is demonstrated by the numbers, because in the fourth edition in May 2018, they raised nearly € 50,000. 20% more than the previous edition.

In addition to the Restaurant week, ElTenedor also conducts other charity events throughout the year. beginning 2018, They conducted a bell where they donated 1 euro per menu consumed and raised 6 thousand euros for the scholarship program "Opportunity to talent" ONCE Foundation.

Another campaign that have been present registered restaurants in ElTenedor has been the McHappy Day, where for each reserve it was allocated equally 1 € to the social work of the Ronald McDonald Foundation.

The truth is that everything suggests that this type of social events continue to grow ElTenedor.

Special days to fill the tables

Another way to give promotion to restaurants through events ElTenedor, He is participating in his days POP. So they call it a special day of the year, where restaurants can offer amazing promotions for bookings received on this platform and secure their profits.

It takes place in key days for restoration. Such as event Pop January, which helps attract customers restaurant starting the year after the slump of the holidays and summer Pop, where restaurants can ensure their full tables at a time of high competition.

further, Days receive POP big media promotion, ElTenedor as the highlights on its website, newsletters, social networks and app. TripAdvisor also review, and television and media in general.

being trend, looks Insider

Restaurants are in ElTenedor can becoming Trend. How? Getting many bookings, high ratings and good reviews from customers who have eaten at their tables. For these businesses, ElTenedor has a space called Insider, They are highlighting these restaurants in various ways, allowing them to capture more customers and improve its reputation.

ElTenedor makes them promotion as restaurantes Insiders, through newsletters sent to users, as well as on the web, social networks, app, etc. Meanwhile, for customers represents a very useful guide where they can find very special restaurants, tailored to their preferences. A meeting between successful business and gourmet foodies.

The list does not end here, ElTenedor because events are constantly renewed for restaurants to increase their promotion, and that customers are increasingly satisfied. How to benefit from these actions? You must first register the business platform, by clicking here, and then ask the advisor ElTenedor point to the restaurant in these activities.

Customers certainly appreciate it!

About the Author

ElTenedor platform is the market leading stocks that are scanning the catering sector in Europe. Created in 2007 by professionals in the world of technology and restoration, currently it has more than 50.000 associated restaurants and already operates in 11 countries.


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