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Discover Wait Check, the app that optimizes the waiting time in restaurants


There are many companies to obtain a final push to address the market resort to crowdfunding.

This is the case of The Wait Check, LLC. an American company based in Austin (Texas) created by the brothers Zamora, the brothers Goudeau, Conrad Gonzales, Curt Mathews, and Raviram Kallepalli together with the team Nueve Solutions.

Although developers will not count this time with the support of financing platform, as the proposed target was not reached, that does not mean they do not have a solid product.

Wait Check It is an application for terminals with iOS and Android operating system that allows to know at any time the waiting time in restaurants. About this theme, We have already exposed different solutions from this medium, both to reduce timeouts to sit to eat and to pay the bill. Now, also it allows a new added improve the dining experience the client's.

In the model presented with promotional intent is how the information is displayed on the screen restaurant. Below the photograph identifying local clearly it indicates the time during which there would be free table. It even takes into consideration the number of people, as it has been rightly assessed that the waiting time may differ if the diner dinner alone or if you are accompanied a gang of friends, in the latter case the availability can plummet.

Compared to other systems that are updated every few seconds and draining the battery of our mobile, Check Wait is equipped with a button that allows them manually. At the end of the day it is only necessary update information when we want to check, any other expense is not justified.

In addition to offering information on a specific local, mobile app also integrates mapping services and GPS geolocation. Thanks to that, we can see on screen distributed by the map icons representing our nearby.

icons, from three colors, indicate the waiting time at nearby restaurants:

  • Blue indicates no information available.
  • Green shows that the waiting time is less than a quarter hour.
  • Yellow is used to represent the restaurants expected times ranging between 15 and the 45 minutes.

Above that limit a red icon is used, clear indicator that the restaurant is not recommended, at least if what you want is save time spent eating out.

The business model is equally Wait Check solid. In an initial step the mobile app runs as freeware without ads, favoring facilities. Upon reaching a critical user base (where appropriate estimated at just over 100.000 registered profiles), platform advertising activate. For restaurants, This option is a new way to increase regular customers.

If the home is rarely filled, or if the entry and exit of customers elapses quickly, Check the positioning will be favorable Wait. Speed ​​service is an asset that can add value through this initiative.

It is well known that the mobile applications market is saturated. The niche that is faced Check Wait is no different. Because, It has made a major effort to achieve product differentiation.

Main qualities that characterize Wait Check

  • Information obtained through users. This eliminates the root of the problem existing collaboration with restaurants (many do not provide the information required by the apps). In this sense Wait Check it looks like Waze.
  • Filing a estimate based on historical data if users have not provided information on certain restaurant.
  • The program is especially focused diners who do not have a definite destination and do not want to wait too long. In short, It's about a showcase where the front is occupied by establishments with greater availability.

  • Presentation simple and informative map, with UX design thoroughly studied.
  • Continuous improvement of information through the use of pop-up reminders urging the user to provide a review.

The goal of 20.000 dollars left with a little big to these professionals and the development of the mobile app, although very advanced, I could go on hiatus.

We hope that is not the case and we can soon see the final product on the market Android and iOS apps. That to skip the queues when eating away from home sounds really good.

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