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International Chocolate Day: the best recommendations on Instagram Spanish chocolatiers


Today is celebrated International Chocolate Day. To determine the origin of this commemoration that is done across the globe, we must go back to 1995, year that our French neighbors, in honor of the British writer Roald Dahl and author of the world-famous literary work Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, They were matched with birth date, he 13 September 1916 in Wales. curiously, on the same date American born Milton Hershey (1857), founder The Hershey Chocolate Company.

Although the above date is celebrated by most countries, many also pay tribute to this delicious food day 7 July to coincide with the "World Day of Chocolate" (World chocolate day). Whatever the date, They never fail or give excuses to enjoy this gift from the gods Maya Y Aztec.

According to several authors, although it was Christopher Columbus who first encountered the seeds of the cacao tree when they intercepted a boat during his fourth voyage to the New World, found not find them attractive.

A) Yes, as account Bernal Diaz del Castillo, the clerk was among explorers biographer Hernan Cortes, It was the latter who brought it to Spain and presented to King Charles I, after being fascinated by their properties during a banquet held by the emperor Moctezuma in the Aztec city of Tenochtitlan to believe that it was an expedition sent by God Quetzalcoalt. During the feast, they ran gold cups and forth on the table, of these frothy concoction brimming with cocoa, cacáhuatl, they called xocolatl.

From the above it follows that, the chocolate we know today, has nothing to do with the Aztec recipe consisted of a cold drink, thick, that especiaban with Chile, Pepper, wild flower petals and colored with achiote. Who knew these pre-Columbian peoples that their seeds, over time, would pass become a mass product, one of the most appreciated and consumed by all cultures around the world.

A) Yes, although currently Belgium is considered the world capital of chocolate, or Switzerland is synonymous with excellence Chocolate irrebatible, do not forget the fundamental role played by Spain during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries in export to Europe after the conquest of the New World. Specifically, the first seeds of cacao came to Madrid through the river port of Seville, from there the shipments were sent directly to the center of the peninsula to the delight of the royal court and monasteries, which quickly spread consumption.

And the Royal Family and their influences between European royal houses were key in cocoa expansion. In fact, a century later, in the eighteenth, he would become the fashionable drink of European high society. This information comes not only through written, but also through the works of art that seem to reflect their consumption and, as it could show the famous painting Las Meninas by Velázquez, in the scene where a red cup is offered to the Infanta Margarita of Austria.

To celebrate this special day, It should also commemorate the excellent work of master chocolatiers that make it possible for us to enjoy such delicious elaborations. further, Spain can boast one of the best squads in the world with the likes of confectioners Oriol Balaguer, David Pallás, Ivan Pascual O Raul Bernal. Today, in his honor, and that of all confectioners who continue to fill our stomachs happiness shaped chocolate, I share some tips for those who want to join us in this celebration.

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