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3D drawings for children in restaurants


Olive Garden, a chain of Italian food restaurants American origin, It has launched an app internationally for children to eat in a more entertaining way. The application seeks to foster a family atmosphere where children of the house to have fun while testing your dishes.

The restaurant chain is the largest in the United States in the field of Italian food. They have over 700 restaurants around the country and their guests are usually families, youth or student, a more casual prototype. Its goal is to continue to attract more American families looking for a nice place to enjoy delicious food while the little ones are entertained. Their slogan makes clear the objective pursued: “When you’re here, you’re family” ("When you are here, you're family "). And if the family is happy, They are happy.

Chasing consumers who come to their establishments are at home, They have developed an application for smaller. They want children to be like in the kitchen of their homes and their parents have fun with them, conducting activities together.

For all this, the company has put on the market a free app that will encourage the food and entertainment. And the best part is that its use is very simple.

Olive Garden

Olive Garden

Everything families need to enjoy this app is a smartphone or tablet. Adults who want to have on your device only need to be downloaded for free the application called Quiver. After the restaurant have templates, the waiters give them to children paints the game begins. The smallest will have to color the cartoon called Olli & Friends, task they can do while enjoying Italian food restaurant.

Once the child has finished painting the doll, adults get into the application, make a picture of the drawing and take life in this device. The app which allows to transform the drawing into a 3D animated character that the little ones can take fun pictures with Italian food restaurant. These pictures can upload to social networks Restaurant, that periodically performs contests.

Olive Garden

Olive Garden

A simple and inexpensive way to entertain the little ones and helps them to eat better, because parents can tell you that until you finish the dish will not make Olli photo. In this way, They will remain seated and not bother other customers who can enjoy Italian food in a quiet and familiar atmosphere.

3D drawings for children in restaurants

Olive Garden

There is no doubt that technology is part of our daily life routine. Not only large technology companies have realized this, other companies from different sectors also know. Consumers want to have everything at one stroke click, why not stop investing and creating new applications that make it easier our day to day. But if these apps also combine technology creatively and entertaining, people will not hesitate to introduce them in our daily lives.

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