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December of 2016: marketing activities calendar for restaurants


December arrives and the digital newspaper DiegoCoquillat.com we present our latest calendar year 2016 on marketing activities for restaurants. It has been a very productive period, which closes in the best way, as This is one of the months of more work for all hospitality businesses, no matter if you have a bar, a restaurant, a coffee shop or a local cocktail.

While it is true that it is a time that practically sells itself, We will suggest some ideas that you can apply to your business to close the month with the best turnover of the year.

A month full of events that can take advantage restaurants

December is a period expenses. People dedicated to buying gifts, prepare dinners and meals at home, also meet with friends, family and co-workers in restaurants. Because, is the time to take advantage and seek greater visibility to increase sales.

Just as we did in November, we recommend you continue using all the channels that you have to announce every action you take during this month: your menu options, You offer drinks you want to apply for large groups you have chosen for your business dinner, discount every few drinks or volume of tickets if you are a pub or nightclub, or opening those days some businesses close as Nochebuena, Christmas, Eve and New Year.

Use your social networks, Web page, Internet paid ads, offline media, e-mail campaigns marketing, and everything that allows your time and budget for promotion, you know what if you do not communicate, It's like not hast done. It does not matter if you have a regular clientele for these dates, If you advertise always You have the possibility of increasing the number of customers, and with them your billing.

But do not stick to business as usual. Pouring a little imagination, You can perform other actions to attract more people, either type or another gastronomic style but always related to Christmas.

For example, You can decorate your room so that when entering or just by looking from the street, the Christmas atmosphere invite to sit at your table and have fun, It can be a nativity scene with many details or large tastefully decorated tree. If your local is aimed at families, You could organize a day when Santa Claus visit you to take pictures with the children and make requests, you know that the children are the ones who often decide in the buying process, seeks to be the first to hear them with a sign at street level.

If your restaurant is aimed at a young, modern audience, and you have room, You can ally with some freelance designer to make a market or, thinking of a more general audience, Contact artisans and make a Christmas market for people to eat or dine in your space and buy. You can organize a live jazz during dinner in the weakest days Tuesday, the other is up, hire a stand-up comedian or even a joke in the late dinners to enjoy themselves and have a good a while.

The goal is to differentiate within the wide range of restaurants that have customers when choosing local, the options you see are as many as ideas you may have.

Constitution Bridge

This year two of the biggest holidays in the country, 6 Y 8 from December, fall on Tuesday and Thursday, respectively. This factor helps people the opportunity to take a macropuente and go on vacation all week or at least have a long weekend, so often days of low productivity in some big cities and more production in other more tourist attraction in winter.

Depending on where your business takes you, you will have to perform various actions to attract customers. These actions can range from highlight your gastronomic specialty promotional channels for tourists visiting your city, until bidding inviting a bottle of wine or by applying a discount on food to improve billing, If you tend to have little work on bridges.

An idea can be, If your audience is female majority, do a promotion for them in which you invite to dessert or a bottle of pink Lambrusco; If your local has a clientele that usually read, You can do something related to reading as a book exchange one of these days. You can also place a mycological days or Chef's dishes with a seasonal ingredient such as chestnuts, squash or asparagus.

International Volunteer Day

To end, our suggestion of social action as each month. The day 5 December was declared as the International Volunteer Day by the United Nations General Assembly in 1985. Since then, every year, They performed that day various activities to celebrate the date and promote awareness of people and encourage them to get involved in a cause they deem fair.

You can take advantage of the celebration, previously ally with an NGO that is to your liking and trust,and encourage your customers to collaborate by creating some kind of announcement on paper (you can add in the accounts) to report on what they can do as volunteers, and do this in your social networks. Another option is to donate a percentage of your earnings that day to this organization and inform your customers.

Below you can see a calendar other national and international festivals held during December. From this portal, I wish you a month of a lot of work and you have a good holiday, See you next year!

December Calendar 2016

December of 2016: marketing activities calendar for restaurants

December 2016: Calendar of marketing activities for restaurants

Day 3

  • Christmas Fair,Caldes de Montbui

Day 4

  • Santa Barbara, party in various municipalities
  • WorldWildlifeConservation Day (#usa)

Day 5

  • International Volunteer Day

Day 6

  • Day of the constitution

Day 7

  • the Encamisá, Cáceres

Day 8

  • Immaculate Conception's Day

Day 9

  • Medieval and Christmas market, Sevilla, Gines

Day 13

  • WorldwideCandleLighting Day (#usa)
  • Fiesta de las Migas, Guadalajara,jadraque

Day 15

  • National Cupcake Day (#usa)

Day 16

  • Day cover anything with chocolate

Day 17

  • Zambomba day of Jerez

Day 18

  • Day of Migas, Málaga, Torrox

Day 24

  • Good night
  • Song of the Sibyl, Mallorca

Day 25

  • Christmas

Day 26

  • San Esteban

Day 28

  • Holy Innocents

Day 31

  • New Years Eve

You can download the schedule in PDF with the best marketing ideas for restaurants:

December 2016: Calendar of marketing activities for restaurants

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