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Dig Inn, the restaurant chain that wants to bring sustainable food to another level


If we combine in a single phrase or concept healthy food and fast food, What comes to mind? First, it is a difficult idea to conceive, because usually, we have the unconscious habit of associating fast food with that "easy to do and at a low price".

As we already have a few months ago in this newspaper, Dig Inn It is a proposal that updated its initial conception and, from 2011, He began to reap the fruits of their risky maneuver based menus offer healthy food and generous, focused on people practicing sport. A) Yes, what began as a restaurant dedicated to social sector restricted athletes, now has viralizado the quality of the product offering and affordable prices set for their full menus of fast food and healthy.

The restaurant doubles his bet with own garden

The restaurant next step was to have their own garden to make your menus with their products, why, who is not captive to him the fact consuming a dish of food brought directly from orchard to the table? The objective of Dig Inn It is settled as a chain sustainable restaurants to redefine a new concept of fast food driven by the desire to make people eat better and provide the best natural products to all its guests.

In this sense, They seek to manage a clear publicity about the origin and development process serving food, as part of its business attraction lies in these items. In addition to this, the trend is no longer limited to traditional and speculative to muddle, but create balanced dishes under the guidance of specialists in the field.

A model that is increasingly followers

This born chain Manhattan, enjoyed growth in all directions, in which the first city on the list was Boston. The concept is the same and increasingly reinforced because its charm goes far beyond the quality of service or the prices they offer, Today it is one of the best options for lovers healthy food.

Dig Inn also has managed to revalue its image by having your own farm to grow food that will later serve at their tables, freshest possible. In this regard, culture manifests a profound sense of sustainability and dedication in providing only natural foods. In addition to this, the intention of its owner, Adam Eskin, is that its staff are also formed in the food crops to learn how production is done, that is to say, learning from the root.

A different professional development

Eskin intend to points beyond Dig Inn include in the list of sustainable restaurants, as Nat Kitchen, equivalent Europe and handling the same organic concepts, sustainable and healthy. His intention is to train his team of chefs in other different areas of the gastronomic, as leadership and management. It also handles low structure educational cuisine.

This concept comprehensive training It revert to their human heritage in the future. This entrepreneur has willingly accepted the rigors of personnel management, They are aware that the key support of the organization. Employees appreciate this philosophy, and they claim that working conditions are above average in that salary range.

Sustainability as a distinctive

The restaurant has gained much of its fame thanks to its organic crops, since they are not limited to repopulate their land with traditional foods, but also those who add their sustainability manager, Taylor Lanzet, categorized as "Forgotten vegetables", varieties of pumpkins, onion and kale that were "Remote out of modern agriculture".

Crops vary according to season, Thus, the rule is always serve fresh food and freshly harvested. However, following his philosophy of low prices, which range from 7 Y 10 dollars per dish, They argue that, sometimes, Matured buy more food, but fresh, It requires them to produce more affordable prices and It allows them to create contacts with other farmers from neighboring villages.

Its growth trend

Team effort Dig Inn born from the desire to maintain the standards of freshness in their food, which they are harvested every day in order to always keep rising the quality of your product.

Along with this and in order to increase their respect for the environment, among his works is the food waste treatment. The policy in this regard stresses the need to be efficient and provide all possible food for each product. A) Yes, for example, When you take an orange juice in one of its establishments you are taking full orange.

The menu is more than well stocked vegetable proteins, Fruits and vegetables, all of them with high nutritional content. further, part of their business promises to preserve their ecological contribution contemplate without having to raise prices.

as LEVELS, Dig Inn does not skimp on moral rhetoric, which it is no other among the American business park.

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