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“Digitizing a restaurant is not easy, but there are tools that make it easier” Alejandro Etchegoyen CEO of Waitry


we interviewed Alejandro Etchegoyen, Founder & CEO de Waitry, platform that is defined as a bridge towards the digital transformation of restaurants, whose main objective is to consolidate itself as the leading solution for order management and customer service inside and outside the restaurant, offering a better experience and obtaining greater profitability.

1.- Waitry has been a gastronomy business technology partner for more than five years, for those who still don't know you, How would you define yourself?.

Waitry is an order digitization platform, management and attention for restaurants, hotels and events. We are a technological partner that accompanies you towards digital transformation and process optimization, giving them a platform for ordering from the table, para take-away y delivery, coupled with a powerful web management panel where they can manage orders, paper, tables, QR codes, short links, analytics, KDS, customer base and much more, all integrated into your POS to achieve a solution 360 degrees.

2.- What are the digital needs and the main problems detected in restaurants in this new normal??

All restaurants have in common the duty of compliance with established protocols and respecting social distancing. Although, beyond the fact of complying, it is a moral duty to take care of yourself and your clients.

For this they must try to replace everything that generates direct contact such as the letter, cash and promotional brochures, respect social distancing between diners and staff, and control the capacity of your businesses.

The biggest problem is that one of the most beautiful things in gastronomy is today one of the aspects to adapt: the tradition. Face the change, adapting and adopting technology is not an easy process, requires tools to make it simple and equipment to accompany them.

3.- How can a restaurant adapt to the new digital age to be more competitive and profitable?

These measures and adaptations have drawn a line that divides those who adapt from those who do not.. For those who adapt it is an opportunity to, not only cope with the crisis, but to continue growing. For those who do not adapt it will be much more difficult to overcome.

The main aspects that must be submitted to the digitization process for a restaurant to be competitive in the digital age are: the Digital Charter, what would be the tip of the iceberg, elimination of language barriers, order digitization, incorporation of new sales channels, capacity control, incorporation or improvement of communication channels with customers and digital training of staff or equipment.

4.- What functionalities does the Waitry program present and its advantages compared to other systems?

Many companies saw in the pandemic an opportunity to take advantage of the need for restaurants to go digital.

At Waitry we did the opposite, we create a free plan with everything necessary for any business to adapt to the new normal, including:

  • Interactive Digital Letter accessible by QR or short link
  • Take away orders and delivery without commissions, integrable to social networks and websites
  • Online payments integrated to Bankia's Stripe and Waiap
  • Capacity control to enter the restaurant by QR code
  • Waiters caller
  • Order management web panel, letter edition, allergens
  • Promotions and much more

Our most important differential are the more than 10.000 hours of software development behind our platform, having a quality product, with a careful and intuitive design and integrations with multiple POS, running on a powerful web administration panel.

5.- Tell us a success story of the implementation of Waitry to promote digitization in care, ordering and managing a restaurant.

Our emblematic case in Spain is the renowned fast food chain the top. In the last two years, we have undergone a very deep digital transformation process and even more so with the necessary post-pandemic adaptations. Through our POS Integration tools, Orders from mobile, Digital letter, KDS (Kitchen viewer) and optimization of delivery orders, we have overcome dozens of challenges together. His vision oriented to the application of technology to improve processes made that from day one we are aligned and achieve an excellent alliance.

6.- Within 2 years what are the digital challenges facing the sector and what solutions will Waitry offer?

We believe that the first need to adapt to be able to function again was just the beginning. In the coming months, new challenges will come that will make the implementation of technology even more necessary.: Be more profitable to overcome economic challenges, be present in all communication channels to increase sales and make yourself known, stand out from the competition and be ready for any situation.

At Waitry we are working on a technological roadmap oriented 100% to optimize care, ordering and service using tools Machine Learning e Inteligencia artificial to predict consumption, detect optimizations and facilitate management for our clients. At the same time we want to guarantee the omnipresence of our clients in all possible means of communication and sale.. Our vision is to be the bridge that accompanies them towards the digitization and application of technology.

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