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Dineout launches the delivery of food at home in hotels


Once again, the socioeconomic situation has forced the hospitality sector to reinvent itself. The arrival of the coronavirus crisis causes a profound change in the paradigm. The operating mode that has been used in restaurants so far has stopped producing the desirable profitability and changes are necessary.

Overcoming the difficulties that life imposes is never easy, and in this case, unprecedented since the beginning of the 20th century, it is even more complicated. The uncertainty permeating the atmosphere.

The business on-premise has plummeted after a period of confinement and quarantine was decreed in much of the planet. And when these measures have relaxed, a complete normalcy has not been returned. In its place, restrictions on the capacity of the premises remain in force everywhere that prevent the full operation of the dining rooms.

Many restaurants have turned to home food delivery to overcome the vicissitudes. But even so the business has contracted. The only option to get ahead is to assert that business intuition that every hotelier has in the depths of his being.

Some restaurant owners have opted for erect multiple ghost marks unthinkable if a physical location was required given the risky nature of its concepts. Others have preferred to invest in remodeling their properties to accommodate lanes facing the drive-thru. Some hospitality companies have resorted to crowdfunding to survive. Others have started preparing and shipping batches of ingredients to make culinary courses in streaming with customers. Anything goes to get afloat.

This is a global phenomenon. Innovative ideas with great potential both in the short and long term arise in every corner of the planet.

The last of these winning ideas comes from the hand of Dineout. Although Dineout is little known in the West, is about the largest restaurant reservation management company in the Indian subcontinent. The presence of the brand there is ubiquitous.

As a strategy to overcome the coronavirus crisis, Dineout has opted for expand its services in the world of hospitality. In addition to partner technology for restaurants, Now it has entered into several collaboration agreements with major hotel brands based in India.

It is a millionaire agreement that will give Room Service contacless in hotels of the Novotel chains, Ibis, Radisson, Pullman, Hilton, Marriot the Fortune, among other high-rise accommodations standing.

Guests of these hotels will have access to Dineout services through a simple app mobile technology based inresto. Through the application they can request that room service take food orders to the suite desired without there being contact between the end user and the waitress or delivery staff.

The app mobile is equipped with dynamic charts updated at all times. These allow you to browse and choose the different dishes available. The inresto technology has the capacity to add images and even videos in this kind of digital menu, so that foreign guests can get a better idea of ​​the local dishes they are about to order and consume.

further, The application has additional benefits that both the hotel and the client will appreciate. An example is the possibility of reserving time in common dependencies with access limits such as spas, sports courts or pools, to mention some of the many possibilities that exist.

further, from a corporate point of view, the new software Dineout gives hoteliers new benefits when it comes to promoting their loyalty tools and rewards programs, as well as utilities destined to improve the scope of the promotional efforts carried out from the hotel.

The operation of the app it has nothing to envy that of other similar applications. When the visitor arrives for the first time at the hotel where they are staying and goes through reception to register, a unique QR code is generated associated with your mobile number. This identifier is central to the entire process.

If the guest scans this QR code from his mobile phone, he can access the internal food and drink point of sale. After choosing your command from the available options that then appear on the screen, the user only has to confirm the order by entering the access code associated with your room (the same one you use to open the door of your room). The payment can be executed at the same moment electronically to enjoy a fully experience contactless or it can be added to the total bill that is paid before the guest leaves the hotel.

According to Ankit Mehrotra, co-founder and CEO of Dineout, this system allows to maintain the safety of the users. As it is well known, ensuring the well-being of customers during the coronavirus crisis is the best business booster. The technology contactless brings great value in this sense, how could it be otherwise.

The app Dineout mobile stands out in this way as one of the best tools in the sector for the reservation of services, following strict health and hygiene safety protocols. So much so that they even offer the possibility of certifying the processes that take place in luxury restaurants through an independent laboratory.

Dineout users highlight the possibility of managing other hotel services such as laundry or gyms avoiding congregations or overcrowding, therefore, all parties involved in the use of the software are satisfied after use.

A fact that speaks very much in favor of the good work of the leader among the reservation managers for restaurants in India, Dineout.

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