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Enjoy 8% shopping in December in horeca360.es


This is our calling card Kings in horeca360.es

We have not done BlackFriday, CyberMonday we have not done and will not do Papa Noel, but we would make our Kings this our first year.

How will function these Kings?

Operation and reasoning is simple. At this time that many of our suppliers approach, and why not say manufacturers, ourselves, we are a bit more scattered.

We will not close, but many close, more holidays, … and all this can make orders that are made in the normal way be delayed a few days.

For this reason, and because we want to continue the tradition, We thought about doing a special discount on special conditions.

During the month of December and until the day 31 from December to 2016 you can make your orders 2 different ways.

Option 1: Horeca360.es normal orders without discount

Through our normal system with shopping cart, budgets, etc and the date of delivery will be normal 4-5 days after confirming the order (although these dates you better than us before to confirm llameis).

Option 2: Horeca360.es orders discount and deferred delivery

If you have no hurry to have the order before Reyes we will propose an option that you may be interested.

You make the order normally or asking us a budget, but when you go to confirm the order pulsáis link “I have a discount code” e introducís discount code REYES2017 and we will automatically apply a a discount 8% on the price we have published, or if we make a budget, you say that we want to welcome you to this option and put in the budget.

Conditions are

  • Payment must be made before 31 from December to 2016
  • The delivery will be made during the month of January 2017 after Epiphany 6 from January

So if you are interested, You know, ApliCAD the coupon REYES2017 and I will deduct one 8% when buying any product from our store to 31/12/2016

¡The hope!

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