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Domino's commitment to the speech recognition systems and automated call


The golden age of externalizing business processes companies (BPO) It is about to come to an end. VoIP technology has opened the door to automated phone calls attention and this will cause the BPO lose a significant amount of business that currently makes up a significant part of their traditional powers.

how can? automate call? Everything is based on a software specially designed for this purpose consists of three blocks intercommunicated:

  • He voice recognition module, which detects the speech of the person on the other side of the device capable.
  • The based tools machine learning y la IA, They are of vital importance and They are responsible for interpreting the meaning contained in the conversation. this block, as involving the use of machine learning, He is able to train to improve their performance and adapt to the business in question.
  • He speech synthesizer, which allows automating the process of dialogue with the client naturally and barely perceptible.

In summary, this dispensable makes use of call centers and dedicated employees to call. Restaurants listed in Fortune 500 They are already exploring opportunities in restoration VoIP services may have.

Automated calls attention has advantages that you can not miss:

  • Cost reduction derivatives telephone service customers.
  • possibility of attend all calls even when overloaded.
  • A better experience the user greater control over label errors.

Greater benefits for business

Domino’s It is one of those franchises that You can not afford to wait to see what happens with pilot projects competition. More than 5.600 establishments in the US alone, the company has embarked on a technological adventure in seeking to test the Automated phone calls attention. The new systems have already been installed in 20 US establishments.

The former president and the famous pizza chain, J. Patrick Doyle, he addressed reporters recently in a statement: “We believe that natural voice recognition is the future. As it is seen with the proliferation of virtual assistants, for example Alexa Amazon O Google Home.

But most importantly artificial intelligence provides a great platform for learning which will allow us to offer our customers greater convenience and better working experiences our members”.

It is seen that the technical demonstration of the Google Home has caused a flood of initiatives. No one wants to be left behind in what is seen as another wave of digital business transformation, continuing relentless.

In any case, and very pioneering the company feels there are other businesses that will benefit most from VoIP services in restoration. Domino's attracts a young clientele and therefore the percentage of digital orders is well above the national average of EE. THE. namely a 15% plus. Nowadays, the establishment of restoration means receives an order online for every booking that traditionally comes.

Speech recognition and software capable of simulating logic conversations, credible and informative promise to be a pillar on which encourage increased profits giants restoration. For Domino's things look particularly well recently as well He has boosted its distribution network with 150 000 public delivery points located in strategic locations especially busy and also they have a POS terminal to order from the site.

The beach bar with bartender chulito standard may soon be replaced by an arrival point pizzas with robotized attention. We are convinced that many would prefer.

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