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Domino's continues to enhance mobility to lead the home delivery market in the United States


Domino’s has popularity among brands being organized catering banner of the digital transformation restaurants and welcome with open arms new disruptive technologies.

Mobility has not been a front that went unnoticed was the giant pizzas. In fact, Domino's has pioneered the use of delivery drones, autonomous robotic cars and delivery, among many initiatives.

Among market analysts who study the case of aggressive technological implementation of Domino's it has been praised approximation of trial and error Company, which allows the chain to check with great speed which innovations are beneficial and are accepted by consumers and which do not. Of course, This imposes a substantial economic cost on the operation of the franchise, but considering that Domino's is in the top ten biggest brands restoration of EE. THE. and it is also one of the most important worldwide, it is understood that this investment must be daunting to maintain their competitive edge, protect their market position and, in any case, customers away from the competition by offering a service and superior user experience.

The latest feat of Domino's is to establish a partnership with the auxiliary automotive company Xevo Inc. This technology company specializes in providing with communication solutions for vehicles from leading manufacturers cars in the automotive sector.

Domino's has been interested in the system AnyWare which would allow an additional referral contact between consumer and restaurant.

When you go behind the wheel you can not always make use of the mobile terminal. Many drivers who make short trips from home to work, or displacement of smaller funds to buy out the residential area, they have installed in their car handsfree systems. Yes these are common among professional driving: truckers, taxi drivers, public transport drivers and the like. If a team low-cost and easy use has received very little market penetration after more than two decades in the market, it is logical that its use will not be adopted by many users in the future.

If we add that cars sold today come standard ever more digital services, it is also logical that include this type of software you can open consumers to use.

The ultimate goal of the pizzeria is to improve their mobility system, and this will be achieved in a very simple way: allowing the customer to place your order at any time, even when at the moment when the decision is taken will be on the road.

Chris Roeser, director of Domino's digital experience, explains it abundantly clear form: "At Domino's pizza we have to ask is simple and always be easy, no matter where the customer is. AnyWare new platform will make it easy to order pizza, whether you're in the car waiting for the children to finish soccer practice or if you're heading home from work ".

Later this year, AnyWare might have already been installed in several million cars. According to a market study conducted by Xevo Inc. in which they participated 3260 drivers, he 71% people would be thrilled that the vehicle intercommunication system contase with utilities to make food orders online, so that they could advance the timeouts associated with takeaway, drive-thru delivery.

Platforms Order online They integrated into cars are a commitment to the future. The first time appeared Domino's hand was in 2014 and affected cars that Ford Motor had the system Ford’s SYNC AppLink.

With AnyWare this pilot will be extended to many other teams. Although at this time the operation of the system can be cumbersome, you have to see the future from the perspective of senior managers of Domino's: traffic will be mastered in just a few years to fully autonomous cars, and drivers will be free to engage in any other activities. Order food online It may be one of these activities. A further positive impact on the economic performance of the pizza chain.

A new step forward in the world of mobility that will ensure that Domino's continue on its leadership position in regards to home delivery of food in the United States.

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