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Domino's Pizza copy tracking services delivery in real time Uber Eats


In the segment of organized restoration no doubt that Domino’s Pizza It is the company's commitment technological innovation. It has been awarded for it on more than one occasion.

With a aggressive strategy of trial and error, pizza chain digital test new approaches to market almost constantly. Those ideas that do not produce the expected results are discarded, and bringing benefits are integrated within the company.

A) Yes, Domino's has not had unceremoniously when trying as harebrained schemes as delivering pizzas through drones, the use of autonomous cars robot equipped with ovens, or convert some of the busiest areas of American cities at delivery points.

But Domino's is not the only corporation that has been fully delivered to this maelstrom of digital processing impinging on the sector restoration. All major players in the business structure of this market segment betting on technology when it comes to increase turnover and improve profit margins with which you work.

And when some of these companies discovered a new method to increase their economic performance, developments are soon copied, modified and implemented in other companies. In this industry nobody underestimates its competitors.

A) Yes, when Uber Eats It has begun offering a service to track real-time deliveries for home delivery, Domino's has not been slow to show interest.

Although it may not seem so at first, Uber Eats competes directly with Domino's. The company home delivery of food has developed its services to the extent that restaurants have begun to develop some dependence.

These businesses restoration forget that leaving the distribution in the hands of third parties are losing control over the macro data relating to consumers and their consumption behaviors. To opt for third-party services for the delivery of food is also leaving to earn money for delivery rates.

Domino's Pizza has refused again and again to surrender mobility companies that dominate the new paradigm home delivery food. To stay true to this policy direction of the corporation is forced to keep up with novel solutions all affecting the market.

For all these reasons, not surprising that shortly Domino's will begin a pilot program that plans to establish its own tracking service.

Phoenix (Arizona, OF. UU.) the city has been selected to start this pioneering experience. There, 27 establishments begin to participate in the tracking service in real time. For it, deliverers vehicles will be equipped with GPS devices. These diligent shall transmit the information to company servers, which in turn will present the display information on mobile user terminals.

Customers Domino’s Pizza you ask in any of the 27 Local participants through app moving company will have several options to read the information. On the one hand the screen display, Moreover an estimate of the remaining time for delivery and, Finally, If you have enabled SMS notifications, a text message that will come to your mobile when there are only two minutes for the pizza delivery run.

The new possibilities offered by the application are not limited to those who interact directly with customers. No. Dispatchers also gain a valuable tool that will save many headaches. It's about the ability to contact the customer by app mobile.

This measure is expected to inform the diner when an incident has taken place during the deal (traffic accident, congestion on the roads, detected error in the order before delivery, etc) so that not remain silent when situation befalls an unexpected event. Traditionally this stage was noted for its opacity.

This idea is reinforced by the words of the vice president and head of digital operations of Domino's Pizza, Dennis Maloney, who indicated the following to Nation’s Restaurant News: "We are excited to offer this tool to our customers. Transparency orders are delivery process makes the difference with customers, as well as dispatchers and managers. With GPS tracking everyone can have a perfect experience sharing ".

If all goes well in the city of Phoenix, Expansion plans are already on the table. The cities being considered are in the states of Washington, Virginia y Michigan; plans pizza chain explicitly discussed the cities of Seattle, Roanoke y Lansing, respectively.

All indications are that the first results will be very positive, so the generalization of this methodology in order Domino's Pizza could take place soon. In that case, It would join other strategies recently adopted, as might be the case ordering system AnyWare I will seriously included several million new vehicles coming to market this same 2019.

While Domino's continues to invent proprietary technologies and adapting rival solutions, there is a change that is clear it will not do. CEO of the company, Ritch Allison, explained why not follow the example set by Papa John’s Y Pizza Hut: "I is not evident why would abandon some of the profit margins of the franchise and data relevant users in business, and give them to someone who in the end could use against our company '.

As president sentenced Domino's Pizza, collaboration with home delivery services of food is completely ruled out in the near future. So that, no choice but to remain at the technological gap, Y tracking orders through GPS app mobile pizzeria is a sample of this policy.

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