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Domino’s Pizza, the best example of omnicanalidad in restaurants thanks to its AnyWare system


Domino’s Pizza He has earned the title of greatest technology innovator in organized restoration. Among its technological adventures is the pioneering use of autonomous vehicles deliver pizzas fresh from the oven, the use of drones to service in big cities, the use of chatbots when they were just beginning to be functional and more. A story full of innovations now continues to grow thanks to AnyWare.

AnyWare de Domino’s It is a system that It integrates all communication channels available to contact and interact with the company. A) Yes, a user who wants to place an order, put a review or know what menus or promotions are in effect, you only need to go to your preferred communication device and use the app de Domino’s.

AnyWare moment works with social networks like Twitter, private messaging programs as Slack Y Messenger, and next-generation virtual assistants as Google Home Y Alexa. The list of available options is completed including communication systems in cars, smart watches and smart TV; and contact can be made via text or by voice, because the system has software conversational IVR. But Domino's reports on page presentation technology, this is just the beginning.

The new tool brings all the usual utilities app Mobile Domino's. Customers of the famous pizza chain may place orders starting from scratch, or otherwise use some of the applications to boost orders online, as may be the Easy Order, the option to return to an old order or select items from the list of favorites.

Not everything has to do with the act of order online. AnyWare also retrieves the tracking system that informs the customer of the state where the food is: in line, in preparation, packaged for distribution, in transit or destination. Anyware so users can plan your meal with great detail, and there will never be unforeseen, because the information is gradually updated in real time.

AnyWare is a bet of Domino's for simplification. Using different technological solutions for each device creates friction between users, who they are forced to become familiar with each of the programs if they have different equipment, or to dispense with the use of some of them to use the most common computer and order as always. This is an undesirable situation, because every business has to ensure sublime user experience if you want your income is in a buoyant situation.

With AnyWare they are thrown some of these barriers, while opening new doors. A case in point is that of Slack, that as a meeting place for small and medium teams, is a market of great interest for pizzeria. By integrating with different participants Slack labor talks can enjoy a kind of food business in which everyone receives their pizza at home, but maintains contact with other digital. And to make matters worse, the process must be developed to order online Slack is as easy as in Google Home or app Mobile lifelong.

AnyWare makes extensive use of a powerful chatbot with speech recognition what, In addition to the text applications that we have seen in recent years, adds the ability to make the whole buying process voice.

It is not the only novelty toe. In addition to guiding the user into buying a fluid oratory and understanding, Anyware Domino's makes gala sistema Zero Clicks, that does without any press on the keyboard or touch screen, making the series of steps to complete requires no physical interaction. All in pursuit of maximum user comfort.

Some other developments do not seem so useful, and resemble be included promotional purposes. For example, messaging tool included in the system recognizes that the user wants to place an order if it shares a emoji pizza portion. Doing this active immediately Easy Order, to ask for confirmation before assuming completion of the order online.

Domino's has not conformed to operate from a variety of formats, also he wanted sneak into each of the places where your customers makes life. A pervasiveness with which aim to improve their turnover and make the user experience better consumer, thanks to greater comfort.

A) Yes, who have a Samsung Smart TV You can place your order while watching the soccer game, movie, newscast or whatever it was enjoying at that time from the comfort of your living room.

A similar case is that of Ford SYNC AppLink. With this system drivers can make your pizza order while still in transit. With a little skill this integration can be used for pizza at the door of our home as soon as we leave the car parked.

And if cover mobile phones in the range of hardware It supported not enough guarantee that the consumer will always have the ability to make an order online whenever you want, AnyWare has also established a partnership with Apple Watch, Android Wear Y Pebble Smartwatch, so that the owners of these watches smart bracelet can place orders from those devices.

As if this were not enough, AnyWare is still developing, and certainly over the next few months we will see how new messaging platforms and social networks are being added to the system.

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