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Domino's Pizza invests in artificial intelligence to create identical pizzas to ads


Domino’s Pizza continues to surprise with its initiatives technological never before seen in the field of restoration. The brand, which he has received several awards for his contributions to the digital processing industry, You want to eliminate much of the complaints it receives from its users.

What can be unhappy consumers who order a pizza at Domino's Pizza? The price? Does the range of options available? What to bring order arrives cold? Problem with apps of the company? No, the most recurrent complaint of customers Domino's Pizza refers to patents pizzas differences between those that produce and illustrated in its promotional material.

It is clear that the pizzas are shown in apps, TV commercials and fliers They bring out the best side of pizzas allegedly specially made for the occasion. But the need to generate a claim effect on the audience is no excuse for pizza chain. Therefore it has to work to reverse this situation while improving the user experience of your customers.

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For it, senior officials of the international company bet by the artificial intelligence. Thanks to a scanner installed in establishments of Australia and New Zealand, the natives of Oceania will have guaranteed All pizzas come out of the ovens of the franchise will sport the same look.

The camera DOM Pizza Checker It is the heart of this initiative to achieve greater uniformity in the services provided by Domino's Pizza. Under this campaign, All pizzas are photographed and compared in an automated fashion against a model pizza.

Not only aesthetic pursued, with the new methodology It will be observed if the distribution of the ingredients on the dough is correct, if the amount of ingredients is appropriate and whether they have been cooked properly. Those pizzas that do not exceed the count return to the kitchen to correct their shortcomings or discard them, if they no longer have salvation. This way only the pizzas are prepared optimally manage to reach the palates of consumers.

These decisions are taken by the software based on artificial intelligence that works in comandita with scanners installed at tables located in front of the ovens local. The customer receives a picture of the final result; Y, Should it be necessary to cook the pizza, a notice to inform you that your order will be delayed.

The system is a technological collaboration between Domino's Pizza and Dragontail Systems, team that has spent two years developing the tool. Nick Knight, regional brand director pizza, confident that in this way the customer will no longer have doubts about the products chain and thus diminish complaints.

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