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Domino's Pizza and Ford tested the new autonomous car sharing food delivery


Domino's Pizza and Ford has joined forces to test the new autonomous car sharing, intended to be operational soon. This test will take place in Michigan, and in principle, the car will not go completely alone. It will however as a real first test, which it aims to study and better understand the reaction and how customers interact with these new autonomous vehicles, at the gates of his final departure to the streets, what It may occur sooner than we can imagine.

Because, in the coming weeks, Domino's those customers who have been selected randomly in Michigan, They will have the opportunity to receive on your doorstep, a pizza brought by an autonomous vehicle research, he Ford Fusion Hybrid.

Nevertheless, Like we have already said, in this phase of testing, the car will not be handled completely autonomously, but it will be driven by a Ford safety engineer along with other researchers on board, which they will focus on analyze how the customer receives this totally new experience.

Sherif Marakby, Vice President of Autonomous Vehicles and Ford Electrification, He described the current phase of this project in the US digital media The Verge as "an investigation that will try to anticipate the reactions of customers, before finishing with all the technical section that allows the driver to eliminate the operation, because they do not yet have the technology needed to take to the streets completely separate vehicles”, he commented.

Live Order Tracking

Customers who agree to participate in these tests, may live track the status of your order through a Domino's specific application that provides a single source, coincident in his last four digits of the phone number that will be used to unlock the compartment Heat Wave, a container to keep warm the pizzas, stored in the back of the car.

Russell Weiner, President of Domino’s USA He said in a recent statement that is critical to "your company know what customers think about this type of delivery, because, Most of our questions are about the last moments of the delivery experience“, he claimed. They are measured reactions in areas of interest such as the provision that customers have when picking out your orders, how to approach the car and how to interact with the outer screen vehicle for food.

This partnership between Ford and Domino's pizza is another example of the cross is their relationship today technology companies and hospitality, at the height of digital processing and engaging Industry 4.0. "This is the first of multiple partnerships between Ford and other companies as part of efforts to accelerate testing autonomous vehicles. The key to our development that will benefit from these partnerships” has said Markaby.

Food off companies or technology companies?

The US multinational has its sights set shows its autonomous car market in the year 2021. Not in vain, earlier this year the company announced plans to invest up 1.000 million dollars in Argo AI, a new company artificial intelligence to help you in the race to take to the streets the first autonomous vehicle delivery. Nevertheless, in the company they have clear need to save a match between the digital section and physical a restaurant or any other business.

Because both Domino's and for any restaurant or catering business in full digital processing, with determination to implement new technologies, the accommodation of these with human capital remains the most significant part all these developments.

It is possible to implement technology in a large part of our work processes within, but this It must be integrated seamlessly into the team of the company. And a good example of this are the experiments that have already made Domino's Pizza on other occasions with different, and perhaps a little quirky, delivery technologies, including a digital assistant Siri like receiving orders or delivery fleet of robots that ultimately was unsuccessful.

Another similar case these attempts was Starhip, a small electric autonomous vehicle and pretending to be one of the future alternatives for courier companies and home delivery, or messengers drones, so widespread lately. We will be very attentive to the evolution of all these innovations to see which become necessary tools to maintain competitiveness in constantly changing market, whose demands change depending on the desires and needs of people.

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