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Domino’s, Zume Pizza y T.G.I. Friday’s; leaders to follow in technological innovation in restoration


Technological innovation in the restoration is incessant. Clusters of small transgressive improvements based on the latest technologies swirling around large companies in the sector energisers. The event Accelerator Tech Awards is one of the biggest events in which these visionary companies receive their due recognition.

Tech Accelerator The Awards are an initiative of Restaurant Business in which rewards excellence in the application of new technologies in the sector restoration. To this end it has the support of Technomic, a consulting company specializing in providing reports, market prospects and strategies for food service companies.

The fourth edition of this competition, whose awards were presented during the conference FSTEC which it took place between the 1 and the 3 October in Orlando (Florida, OF. UU.), He has awarded two franchises organized catering recognized and well established, and an emerging franchise that is giving a lot of talk in recent months. Is about Domino’s Pizza, T.G.I. Friday’s Y juice Pizza.

Announcing the candidates who receive awards, Sarah Lockyer, senior vice president of content Restaurant Business, impinged on the benefits that a successful implementation of new technological solutions business brings restoration: "The winners of the Accelerator Tech Awards this year show that constant technological innovation, either in orders, payment, in customizing or robotics, You can improve the user experience and encourage brand loyalty expressed towards». Sarah later added he was waiting to celebrate the success of these brands in the past and know FSTEC "think out how far technology in the food service industry and customer experience in restaurants next».

But what exactly what they are doing these three franchises to deserve such words? Let's take a cursory glance.

juice Pizza, pizzeria which aims to break into the market with its walking robot

If you do not know Zume Pizza, do not worry, You're not misinformed. The small pizza franchise has been operational only two years, but in that time he has captured the interest of many investors because of its approach to the restoration organized by cooperative solutions between human personnel and food processors.

In just two years he has won more than 48 million in private funds. This amount could grow exponentially in the coming months, when It is expected to contribute between SoftBank Vision Fund 500 Y 750 million to boost the expansion of the chain and develop robots more advanced.

The main technological bets are Zume Pizza:

  • Delivery trucks equipped with ovens and robots pizzeros.
  • Artificial intelligence applications to predict market trends.
  • Service automation from order to delivery.

His appearance in the third place on the podium of the Tech Awards Accelerator is a clear indication of what their position in the market in coming years. A company to be considered.

A clear example of the digital transformation restaurants: T.G.I. Friday’s

TGI Fridays is an American chain oriented customers looking for a casual lunch or dinner. It is present in much of the world and boasts erected on an efficient technology architecture. A clear example is the financial integration Netsuite OneWorld That allows him homogenize its amenities 50 countries, automating tasks related to digital payments, invoicing and accounting.

Far from content to increase administrative efficiency, T.G.I. Friday’s It boasts a number of innovative technologies. Some of the technologies that have taken hold in this second position prizes Restaurant Business son:

  • Using macro data and management programs clientelistic relations to improve user experience.
  • Customizing loyalty programs.
  • Empowerment through digital media orders to carry.
  • Using artificial intelligence to improve customer involvement, internal operations and equipment capacity.

Second place is no surprise to T.G.I. Friday’s, the in May this year the Tech Excellence Award at the conference was taking The CIO 100 Symposium & Awards Ceremony which it took place on 15 August at the Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes (California, OF. UU.).

Domino’s Pizza: default example when talking about technology in organized restoration

Some industry critics have illustrated the Domino's strategy to check what has been glued to the wall after throwing a plate of spaghetti against it. Each of the attached spaghetti would be a new technology initiative that works, those who end up on the floor are those that should be discarded. Trial and error raised the Nth degree.

The successful pizza franchise has starred substantial headlines since the digital processing stage of the restaurants emerged in which we are immersed. And that as they say on their website, They are "determined to be the reference in technological innovation».

Pioneer in creating a commercial website, to offer online ordering and mobile, of own applications smartphones, standard of usability and user satisfaction as the ultimate goal of the company; Domino's Pizza today invests in technologies as diverse as delivery drones, fleets of autonomous cars, distribution to public gatherings (HotSpots), chatbots machine equipped with Apprenticeship, robotics, synergies between artificial intelligence and voice recognition to answer calls automatically and so on, too lengthy to cover here.

It is therefore not surprising that Domino's often used as an example of a company aggressive policy of technological adoption and successful.

With this first in the Tech Accelerator Awards, brand reaffirms its dominant position in the industry. Besides having completely transformed into organized restoration dedicated to fast food and the way in which consumers interact with this type of business, Domino's has doubled its revenue in just a decade, reaching 5900 million globally over 2017.

During the awards ceremony at the FSTEC, Steve Kennedy, digital marketing director of Domino's Pizza articulated the following words: "We have a culture of innovation. We have the willingness to fail, fail again, learn and move on. When you set this as a reference to the way in which you operate, You can move forward. We are proud of the work we are doing and we deeply appreciate our efforts to be recognized '.

Certainly, Domino's is defining a new standard for what was being considered as digital transformation restaurants.

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