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Donald Trump gives a lesson in how not to manage the online reputation of a restaurant


The new US president has been involved in ongoing disputes on social networks against anyone who criticized his restaurant.

Donald Trump has made the news by a foreign matter to US policy, and is that the newly elected President of the United States of America, He is giving the world a magnificent example of how not to manage a restaurant Online Reputation.

Apparently, far from worrying about the many important issues that should have at hand the "boss" of one of the most powerful nations in the world, Donald Trump is enzarzando countless disputes through social networks, especially on Twitter, against anyone who makes a negative review of his restaurant, Trump Grill, No Trump Grille, as you look.

The restaurant is a succession of absurdities

So is, as it published a few days ago Vanity Fair reporter, Tina Nguyen, "In different parts of the restaurant as the sign outside, letters and ads you can find on the premises, sometimes you can read Trump Grill, and other Trump Grille ", wrote.

But the criticism went beyond, and a brief review of the most important points, at least those which are usually set all customers of a restaurant, It made it clear that it could be "Worst restaurant in America".

The food "I tasted like a used kitchen sponge", on bath He wrote that mimicked "the experience of desperately looking for toilet paper in a Venezuelan supermarket", Over the cocktails, that "they seemed to have been written by a college freshman in her room experimenting with random drinks".

Food, the price ... the truth is that criticism kept in good place restaurant, however following the uproar caused nationwide, many media have rushed to visit the restaurant housed in the Trump Tower from New York, to check the veracity of such a catastrophic experience.

Donald Trump and poor online reputation management

And that the US President, in a display of good will had come to promise that after his election "Tuitearía less". Nothing could be further from the truth. Instant discrediting the source emitting such criticism has been the usual modus operandi Billionaire long.

"Has anyone noticed the really poor numbers @VanityFair Magazine? They are in the doldrums, They have a big problem. Since Graydon Carter no longer have talent. They are outside!”

But this mockery alluding to the decline in sales in the magazine has only been the penultimate battles in which Trump has come to attack anyone who expresses an opinion against:

NBC, the former president Chuck Jones, el Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg, Alec Baldwin and the great Saturday Night Live…The list is getting wide.

Apparently, the man who criticized the permissiveness of the first American amendment, with regard to freedom of expression (but that makes it even overuse), He did not want to admit any shortcomings you may have your restaurant, it seems that the Trump Grill or Grille, You will keep making the same mistakes.

In any case, never know, and perhaps someday Donald Trump wants to improve his restaurant. If that day came, let's share 4 issues that the president-elect should immediately remedy at his restaurant:

What key issues should improve the Trump Grill?

1.- The decoration

"Trump is a poor version of what should be a rich" according to Vanity Fair, and his restaurant reflects the essence for each side. Find French paintings halfway between kitsch and the market town, with pompous gilded frames, mirrors trying to create a feeling of more space in a local already quite large.

2.- The letter

In the letter, sophisticated ingredients haute cuisine mixed with the "house salad" and permanent deals, that descuadran a little between such solemnity. A I want to but I can not, one one I can and do not want, who knows? Resources being advised by professionals with sufficient capacity to put solution to all this is not lacking.

3.- The gastronomy

Poorly cooked meatballs with soy sauce topped with truffle oil, a simple crostini served with hummus and ricotta, two exotic ingredients, stuck as to shoehorn. And that's the general tone of the letter, “as soon as I got home, I brushed my teeth twice and I curled up in bed until the nausea passed "wrote Tina Nguyen.

4.- Online reputation management

Discredit anyone who expresses an opinion contrary is a defensive attitude that denotes weakness and insecurity, as we have written in this newspaper repeatedly, flee forward and look away does not solve the problem, Chronic does.

should not forget that reputation is a consequence perception that a customer has about a product or service performed, thus the only secret there to correct the online reputation of a restaurant is to improve the product or service through the constant search excellence, but of course if you are the president of the United States can also operate other less traditional methods, o no…time will tell.

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