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¿Donald Trump o Hillary Clinton?…how it will affect the restaurant industry


We are facing a historic moment in the future of the United States and thus, definitely, Also in World. Barack Obama ends his term, Y a new president must be elected to govern the most powerful country on the planet.

I will not go into political issues, this reflection it is not for me, but I would like to briefly analysis of the impact on the restaurant industry americana podría tener este hecho.

Two opposing visions in “hate campaign”

Obama has been a president close to restaurants, As I commented in the article I wrote in 2014 title “Presidents and restaurants”, with a huge amount of gestures and public sector support. It has allowed some health policies are channeled through public restaurants as the fight against “Obesity Epidemic”.

Candidates for the White House, Hillary Clinton y Donald Trump They have radically different policies and have faced a very tough campaign, “hate campaign”, where both have questioned the ability to govern the country of his opponent, as well as other issues of a personal nature.

food and the hospitality sector policies

Por una parte el magnate neoyorkino apuesta por un enfoque de la economía basado en el crecimiento, frente a su oponente demócrata que pretende una redistribución de la riqueza.

Aunque existen muy pocas referencias directas a la industria de los restaurantes en los programas de los dos candidatos, I would emphasize those aspects during the campaign they have expressed and are policies related to their food and the hospitality sector.

As to minimum wages, A top United States today and in the future very important job creation impact within the industry, Clinton has expressed support for a minimum wage of 12$ and try to reach during his tenure to reach 15$, en cambio Trump ha fijado el salario mínimo en “at least 10 $”.

On food security, Clinton has pledged to support the program of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance which is a supplement in the form of food stamps to prevent one in seven Americans go hungry. Meanwhile, Trump propone acabar con este programa y buscar sistemas alternativos.

Regarding energy costs, Clinton bet a manner decided by a much more sustainable energy and less dependent on oil, ya que todo lo que tenga relación con el cambio climático es una prioridad dentro de su programa. Trump opina que el cambio climático es parte de una conspiración global creada por los chinos y amenaza con cancelar el Acuerdo de París que une a 195 countries to curb global warming.

To summarize here I included a image with the key points that each candidate defends:

Hillary Clinton

Key points Hillary Clinton defends

Donald Trump

Key points that defends Donald Trump

The restaurant industry is not positioned

We must not forget that la industria de los restaurantes y de la hospitalidad tiene un peso muy relevante en la economía americana and is a very important job generator, one in three Americans find his first job in a restaurant. For the sector would not be good increased uncertainty sown by the latest data that have been published. These declines in sales and in the number of traffic have been interpreted as a possible recession in the sector by some analysts.

The American restaurant industry has not been clearly positioned either candidates, both are supporters, incluso la Asociación Nacional de Restaurantes a publicado un vídeo que evoca este bipartidismo:

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