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DoorDash on the street puts a fleet of autonomous vehicles for food delivery at home


in EE. THE. two large food distribution companies to address a privileged position are held in the streets.

On the one hand Postmates, also bring prepared dishes restaurants to its users, It offers options to buy in grocery stores and other shops. This company based in San Francisco, California has just appeared in the news around the world thanks to its Casting new robot, Serve.

To compete with Postmates, by Dash put on the streets of San Francisco a fleet of autonomous vehicles.

This will be possible thanks to a partnership with General Motors, which according to specialists motor racing features one of the most advanced systems of autonomous driving industry. Specific, the agreement has been signed with Cruise Automation, a subsidiary of GM that you have permission from the Department of Motor Vehicles in California to test 180 cars within the state.

Although the project was announced in the first working days of January, autonomous vehicles will soon roll down the streets. If all goes according to plan, the first of which would be operational during these months.

The home food delivery will focus on Area San Francisco Bay. The choice was not random, This area has large avenues arranged on flat ground which facilitates the existence of large straight. further, this neighborhood is not one of the busiest on the West Coast, Here the traffic density is more similar to a residential area than an urban center or large metropolitan artery.

It has not transpired, Nevertheless, what food brands work with DoorDash in this pilot. In the customer base DoorDash names of organized restoration of EE they are. THE. as Chipotle Mexican Grill, Jack in the Box, Subway, Walmart, The Cheesecake Factory, Wendy’s and more; but none of them have made public their collaboration. DoorDash neither has spoken about, although it is known that also they participate supermarkets.

The model used will be an autonomous vehicle Chevy Bolt EV equipped with 10 cameras with speed image capture ten frames per second. It is a prototype that is not yet on the market, but as the representative of Cruise Automation, John Taylor, It could be available later 2019.

Given the pioneering nature of this field experience. In the first tests take passenger car. DoorDash employee will be responsible for hand-deliver food transported. They are known as "dashers».

In the official press release, DoorDash indicated the following: "According to advance collaboration, We try that customers choose to receive a self-contained delivery vehicle on the sidewalk. Part of the testing phase of this collaboration will include learning the best user interactions for the customer to pick up your food vehicle '.

Both partners are very satisfied with the work being done together.

Executive Director Cruise Automation, Dan Ammann, He confessed that "the deal is a remarkable opportunity for Cruise while preparing to commercialize its technology for autonomous vehicles and transform transport '.

Meanwhile, Tony Xu, DoorDash CEO confirmed that they are very proud to lead the technological adoption of autonomous driving: "We see that autonomous vehicles will play a key role in the future of the cast since the behavior of consumers still tend to online, and we are confident that Cruise's leading technology will help us achieve scale and consumer demand ".

So that, we also hope that sooner rather than later, DoorDash autonomous vehicles will make their distribution through the streets of EE. THE.

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