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Dunkin’ Google Assistant Donuts commitment to improve customer experience online orders


Last 14 Dunkin March’ Donuts surprised friends and strangers to expose a press release start to use the services provided by Google Assistant. the novel intelligent personal assistant of Google It will allow the famous franchise specializes in donuts attend orders of their customers and reward them for their loyalty program.

To access the amenities offered by the system, users only need to articulate the comando ‘Talk to Dunkin’ Donuts’. At the moment, technological novelty only understand English, although being the español one of the languages ​​included in the package FIGs translation, it is expected that high priority character leading to his more or less early availability.

This certainly is not the only one who has emerged among technology analysts. In fact, There have been many more, and although not all of them have been answered, Dunkin’ Donuts has made a number of clarifications in an interview with Street Fight.

Among the most important points, Paul Murray, director of digital experience Dunkin’ Donuts, He discussed the various ways in which They expect better user experience when ordering online. The first is to maintain the relevance that had hitherto characterized the brand mobile app. Google Assistant is clear that raises tremendous interest so, from the viewpoint of Murray, this is a clear indicator of the direction of the industry and technologies to be widely welcome.

also added that the use of intelligent personal assistant of Google carries a small reduction of time spent on ordering, most notably in the case of using the mobile terminal once on site (modality on-the-go).

Although online orders through mobile devices are one of the reasons why they have relied on new technology Google, Murray admitted that the really revolutionary initiative are the beneficial changes in loyalty and rewards program aimed at increasing user satisfaction.

Director of digital brand experience deepened on future changes in system operation. Now customers Dunkin’ Donuts who want to order only can choose items that appear among the items newly elected and bookmarked.

This will turn a full letter as soon as improve speech recognition and interpretation of the speech made by the software. He stressed the importance of “have early presence, to know the space and evolve with it” of speech recognition technology, a technology that as indicated by the “People will continue to take”.

He was not, Nevertheless, so loquacious when inquired about the signed commercial agreement with Google. Not only in economic terms his words were obscure, but actively evaded answering the question of Kate Talerico, Staff writer Street Fight, who cared about the possible intentions of Google to allow Dunkin’ Donuts to use its technology and the possibility that there was a risk that customer data of the franchise were collected by the technology giant.

He diverted the answers explaining some of the Synergy functionalities:

  • Just press a button and say a command to activate the new app.
  • the last items purchased as well as the list of favorites are presented on screen.
  • Upon confirmation, autocomplete order with customer data and a charge is made automatically Perks card associated to.
  • The app estimated time of arrival to the local and the order is available when is expected to reach the customer, in what has been called “predictive collection”.
  • Marketing efforts are made by geolocation by Waze, the app is ad-free and data collected by the same not used in any tactical services Market.

Finally, Murray punctuated that although there are many ways to place orders telematically, all this indicates is that customers Dunkin’ Donuts are passing, In transit.

It feels calm about the benefits of new technology supported by Google as Assistant, in your opinion, is it so “accessibility leading mobile orders” and it is sufficiently differentiated to provide value to its customers more technophile. “The user experience begins with order”, He sentenced.

While this pastries to American style remains interested in new technologies and renewing its way to serve the public, We are deeply convinced that half a dozen boxes full dozen donuts and will continue wandering around our cities in the hands of customers fully satisfied.

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