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EatAndTheCity get over 3 € million to create the "Google for Restaurants" internationally


It's Friday night, approaching dinnertime and hunger begins to notice left in your stomach, You need a good place to eat. Nowadays, as normal is directed toward searches Google and start checking the stars and reviews of different restaurants.

As well, the Finnish company EatAndTheCity You want to turn this process "Discovery and inspiration" in a healthier experience, Local and refined. And for this, He has devised its own "Google for restaurants".

The goal is to find basádose EatAndTheCity restaurants in locating and accompanied by professional and customer reviews. Ilkka Lavas, CEO de EatAndTheCity it is clear: "There are already many sites, Yelp and TripAdvisor as offering service reviews. The aim of our platform 'EATC' is differentiated, Y allow participation of professional content creators"He said.

Because the big difference is that EatAndTheCity it feeds the work of professionals in content creation, diners, bloggers and food critics. They also allow independent lists and maps available to all users.

A step beyond Yelp or TripAdvisor

EatAndTheCity recently closed a successful funding round led by Grupo Wallstreet, with the participation of Gorilla Ventures, Arteel Ventures Y Tekes. In this, Finnish startup could be done 3,3 millions of euros. "With this money we hope an international expansion drive platform through the discovery of new restaurants for our company”, Lavas himself said in a recent statement in the middle online nordic.businessinsider.com.

The truth is that mentioned so far not much different from what platforms can offer existing and long-established in the market as Yelp O Tripadvisor.

So that, How will you stand out from your competition EatAndTheCity? Although Yelp offers the same services, Finnish platform is focused on local restaurants.

TripAdvisor is the place for travelers and reviews, but unfortunately travelers usually go to local hospitality for tourists, Y rarely find restaurants that keep the true essence of the place and where the locals eat.

"We want to be the platform for positioning these restaurants and so end the problem of the local discovery, as always mentioned when someone is sightseeing.

To nurture the online reputation of the various restaurants platform, This tool not only uses feedback from local, but also of journalists and food critics, they do showing all their expertise in the field.

The world's largest discovery platform

The aim of EatAndTheCity is to become the world's largest discovery platform restaurants.

Rather than simply regard itself as a platform for reviews, the startup aspires to become the “discovery platform restaurants” official. Its aim is invite media companies and social networks to join his “world revolution in discovering restaurants”.

EatAndTheCity can leverage its connection with local communities to deliver a truly useful service, information for users looking for great local experience as well as an additional source of income for those content creators.

"It is also interesting that none of our competitors are working with journalists. We work directly with media companies and our passion is to help these media companies grow with us ", said Ilkka Lavas.

In any case, since DiegoCoquillat.com closely follow the international expansion to Germany, United Kingdom and United States a company like EatAndTheCity, which currently has offices in Helsinki, Berlin, London, Sheffield and Tallinn.

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