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Eatsa, the first restaurant with fully digitized customer service


the first restaurant in San Francisco where tablets replace the entire staff room opens, no waiters, all service is digitalised.

Today I want to introduce a new concept of technological Restaurant, only where there are staff working in food preparation and cleaning, but in no case, serving customers, as this is fully automated.

Eatsa is a restaurant digitalized, located in the 121 Spear Street in San Francisco and as its slogan says, its goal is to serve the best food and the fastest way. It seems that those who have tried it confirm that meet and also emphasize the digital experience and feeling clean restaurant.

The digital feature of this restaurant is that the customer orders through a series of tablets is where selecting the different dishes, en concreto bolus, Once you finished paying with your credit card in the application itself and waits for him to prepare. From that time his name appears along with the order number on the screen of the salespersons to pick you up. The system records the name of the person in each of the orders and generates a profile to avoid having to re-include this data in the future.

At this early stage of client learning, there is always a person available restaurant if surje any problems or questions when ordering through iPads.

Its opening hours are from 11:00h at 17:00h, and the gastronomic proposal is based on balanced dishes with high nutritional components, all information is available to the customer. You can choose from eight bowls, three appetizers and some drinks.

All bowls have in common, besides price, that is $ 6.95, leading Quinoa, a seed nutritional qualities, very beneficial for health and disease prevention.

The use of tablets is increasingly common in restaurants, They are replacing many letters or menus allow diners build your own commands. The great contribution of these restaurants is that the whole process is digitized and is presumed, that in the future soon, at any time there is contact with any person belonging to the restaurant.

This type of concepts always generates conflicting views, primarily among those who value the benefits of an efficient restaurant, which focuses on the quality of its food and much lower costs than usual, decreased 70% Human resources, and on the other hand the damage posed by not having a personalized service losing the very essence of a restaurant, and conviertiendo in a “Vending food store”. What is certain is that it is a novel concept and a trend that the market is increasingly looking more closely.

Evolution is a more techno-adaptation process in which the sector is immersed restaurants, like many other sectors, which it is producing a gradual replacement of jobs that people have always held digital devices, the technological machines.

Undoubtedly the world in which we live is increasingly digitized, We use Twitter to share our knowledge, we talk with our friends by Whatsapp, We send emails every day and now we can go to a restaurant, Order Code, eat it, I pay, and in any case interact with the restaurant staff.

As I mentioned on several occasions, technological evolution is very focused on invading the stage presence only thing left for the dining experience of a customer in a restaurant, the consumption stage, as the inspiration phase has already been digitized, getting that many customers make their decisions in digital environments, and reputation phase, as we have moved the mouth-mouth opinion portals and social networks.

Finally I leave this video to better meet the digital Eatsa restaurant.

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