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eBook: “15 to implement management ideas already in your restaurant”


During 2017, in Gastrouni We have created a section our web to which we have called "10 questions with ..." in order to make their work visible specialists, concerning the catering and hospitality industry, and teachers, teachers and speakers who have passed through the classrooms of Master in Restaurants & F&B Hotelero To treat, mainly, an issue that is so closely related to gastronomy and how little coverage has been given: business management.

Through a series of interviews, we have collected the opinion of seven great experts to talk us from future of hospitality, deformation, business management and, with the launch of the ebook that we have prepared for the occasion, we extracted 15 tips and ideas for any owner, manager or responsible for a catering business can apply from now in your establishment.

Then you can read and, If you want to delve into them, I recommend you download the ebook "15 to implement management ideas already in your restaurant", following the instructions you'll find at end of article:

15 Professional advice to help you with managing your restaurant

  1. Management and numbers are reality and can not be deceiving ourselves.
  2. Enjoy!

Jorge Dávila, Group manager Albora National Gastronomy Award Best Director of Chamber 2011.

  1. Being able to have real-time information.
  2. Get to know the 6P's of marketing.

Sergio Marín, COO of large restaurant chains organized (Restalia, Hilton, Tapelia, Wogaboo, SHA WellnessClinic, etc.)

  1. Have a department (Internal external) From Human Resources.
  2. Implement a plan I+D adapted to business, However small is.
  3. Maximize the marketing and communication.

Manuel Alonso, chef and manager of the gastronomic group Casa Manolo.

  1. Discover the importance of employees and see the impact that has each billing.
  2. Be innovative and out of the comfort zone.

Rogelio Iglesias, Director of Human Resources at KFC Iberia for Spain and Portugal

  1. To form and develop your team.
  2. Create processes within the business.

Irina Hands, Head of Corporate Training Grupo Vips

  1. Having a quality staff and bet, especially, by training.
  2. Evolve and be continuously re-inventándose to surprise customers.

Abel Valverde, Director of Sala Restaurant Santceloni in Madrid and National Gastronomy Award for Best Director of Chamber 2005 Y 2008.

  1. Be happy.
  2. Have patience.

Javier Andrés, Gastronomic Director of Grupo La Sucursal in Valencia and National Gastronomy Award for Best Director of Chamber 2013.

Get the success in managing your restaurant

As you see, the best HORECA industry professionals formation strongly by betting at all levels within your business, from the first line, which deals directly with the customer, through the kitchen, drawing on a unique cuisine, to management, controlling and supervising all areas of catering establishment. A team of well-trained professionals can only lead to success for the business in which they work.

Gastrouni eBook: & Quot; 15 to implement management ideas already in your restaurant"

To read the full interviews and continue to learn from the best professionals HORECA can do so by downloading the ebook "15 to implement management ideas already in your restaurant" we launched completely free from Gastrouni.

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