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They throw a girl from a restaurant because her scars frightened customers


This is a story that deserves to be told primarily because it should never have happened.

It is a girl 3 years-old girl named Victoria Wilcher, which suffered a few months ago a brutal attack by three pit bulls while visiting her grandparents' caravan, that provoked the loss of an eye and scars all over his body, plus a huge psychological trauma.

His parents created a Facebook page they called “Victoria victories” where they share with their friends progress in the recovery of small.

Some days ago, Victoria with his family, They went to eat at a restaurant KFC chain in the city of Jackson in the American state of Mississippi.

Everything seemed within normal, until a restaurant employee asked them to leave, since apparently, Victoria wounded frightened face other customers.

They had no choice but to leave and accept this humiliation obviously affected in a very special way to Victoria.

But the story does not end here, because once at home, his parents wanted to denounce this situation through the Facebook page he created. In the post they published were the following question;

Does this face frightens you?

The reactions were swift, thousands of people shared this information through social networks, showing their indignation and requiring chain restaurants explanation, which they performed with a response in the post that had published the family on Facebook ,which already had more than 100.000 Likes the page.

KFC response

Twitter also an avalanche of tweets were brought against the restaurant chain,

Even the theme made the leap to television ,

To cover the multiple operations that will have to be submitted Victoria, He opened an account for donations portal GoFundMe which currently has grossed more than 110.000$

Victoria donation

In addition KFC restaurant franchise has issued a public statement apologizing to the family and has confirmed that it will donate 30.000$ to help Victoria with her medical expenses.

KFC Press

This story, in the drama involved, It is a very good example of the enormous power that the individual has thanks to digital channels, and often exceed the power of companies or brands. I hope my dear restaurants take note of victory Victoria.

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