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Ecoembes, Aplus hand, launches a recycling project for the HORECA channel


This initiative aims to encourage Participation of hotels, restaurants and catering services in separately collected municipal packaging.

Ecoembes, environmental non-profit organization that promotes circular economy through recycling of packaging in Spain, with operational support agency Aplus Field Marketing and the Hospitality Association of Salamanca, He has launched a project aimed at HORECA establishments Canal (Hotels, restaurants and catering services) in the city of Salamanca, with the support of the City. This initiative aims to increase the participation of these premises in the selective collection of packaging Township.

In the first phase of the project, the needs of each facility are assessed on recycling, as the number of cubes they need to make adequate separation of materials or drawbacks encountered to recycle, among other issues.

Total It is expected to adhere at least 100 establishments initiative, that means be delivered to separate waste properly. containers that are at street level will also be reviewed corroborating location for the separated waste facilities.

Behind this, aimed at training local professionals involved in the project in order to know the best way to make proper waste separation they will be made. further, different reference materials will be provided with all the detailed information about recycling and It will be delivered to each local stamp attesting to their participation in the initiative. During the process, and medium term, monitor to see how the project is being developed at each facility will be conducted and to determine areas for improvement.

"Caring for the environment depends on the gestures that each of us do daily in all areas of our lives: at home, at work, in entertainment… The volume of waste generated in Canal HORECA establishments is fairly high and therefore, in Ecoembes we have launched this project in order to meet the needs of these establishments on recycling”, says Alberto Fernandez, Ecoembes manager in Castilla y León.Ecoembes, Aplus hand, launches a recycling project for the HORECA channel

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