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Ecovidrio and ElTenedor together to promote sustainability in the restoration

  • Signed a collaboration agreement with the aim to sensitize hoteliers and citizens about the importance and benefits of recycling glass
  • It generates hospitality 48% waste glass container for single use
  • He 50% of the hoteliers believes that recycling enhances the reputation of their business and 86% says always separate glass packaging waste

Ecovidrio, the non-profit organization responsible for managing the recycling of glass packaging waste in Spain, y ElTenedor, the leading restaurant reservation site in Europe, They have signed a collaboration agreement to jointly enhance awareness among restaurateurs and their customers about the environmental benefits of recycling glass.

Restoration bet for sustainability is a trend that has begun to consolidate. settlements, aware that environmentally responsible practices affecting, both in the process of choosing a new generation of consumers, and the degree of satisfaction of their experience, increasingly they strive to minimize the impact of its activities and give visibility to their commitment

social trends related to food as the movement biocultura, They have a reflection in the catering sector with the commitment to the use of products proximity, seasonal food or collaboration with local suppliers. This has led to the rise of sustainable settlements, where the user sees reflected their values ​​and preferences.

In this sense, proper waste management in the hospitality industry consolidates, a sector that generates the 48% of waste glass containers for single use that are put on the market in Spain. According to the study Ecovidrio, 'Uses and attitudes of Spaniards on glass recycling 2015', he 86% of the hoteliers says always separate glass packaging waste, so there is already a habit among professionals who may be enhanced. further, he 50% It believes that recycling enhances the reputation of their business customers face.

The agreement Ecovidrio and ElTenedor will develop research on consumer habits, importance of environmental protection and sustainable practices among establishments, in other aspects. further, will perform, jointly, awareness and information campaigns aimed at citizens and restaurateurs professionals. According to Jose Manuel Nunez-Lagos, Director General of Ecovidrio: 'From Ecovidrio trust in the growth potential and opportunities it offered hospitality, a key sector for the Spanish economy and the increase in glass recycling rate in our country.

The alliance with ElTenedor is an exciting project and long-term, It is part of our Horizon Plan 2020 which establishes the commitment to the hospitality industry as a strategic axis'. According to Marcos Alves Cardoso, CEO and Founder of ElTenedor: "The hospitality industry is one of the economic engines of our country, full of potential sector also as regards sustainable initiatives. From ElTenedor and hand Ecovidrio, we want to help promote an increasingly concerned with environmental care restoration and recycling.

Sustainability must be key to the present and the future of a sector such as catering ". hospitality, bet of present and future From 2009 Ecovidrio works with more than 130.000 catering establishments distributed throughout the geography, he 45% of the 300.000 existing in Spain, through the provision of means adapted to your needs, developing awareness campaigns and the launch of 48 collection services 'door to door' in areas with high concentration and difficult access hospitality, as the historic centers of cities.

Only in 2015, awareness initiatives and provision of facilities to hospitality reached 58.000 catering establishments received free, 42.000 special cubes. further, the company installed 3.000 new containers with automatic dump.

Currently, he 70% of the hoteliers she claims to have a glass container within 50m. Ecovidrio bet by the hotel's strategic. In this sense, his future plans, contained in the strategic plan 'Horizon 2020', affect cooperation with this sector as one of the priorities for the coming years.

In terms of containerization, the company plans to implement 115.000 buckets and 20.000 adapted containers. further, It plans to develop comprehensive plans in the areas with the greatest potential, endowing them with means adapted, awareness and training plans, sensitization. A) Yes, Ecovidrio wants not only meet, but overcome, European requirements that set a target of 75% in 2025 and a 85% in 2030. For it, They go over 330 million to 2020.

sustainability restoration

sustainability restoration

Glass recycling in Spain

In 2015 They were recycled 724.657 tons of waste glass container through the green container, an average of 15,5 kg per 59 containers per person. Ecovidrio, the non-profit organization responsible for the recycling of glass in Spain, He showed an increase of selective collection 4,4%, the largest in the last seven years. In 2015 they settled 7.700 new containers in street (+4%) making Spain one of the best countries in Europe containerized, with a green igloo each 230 population.

Recycling through waste recycled joined by other sources estimate a container allows plants RSU and private operators audited rate 2015 of the 70%. This would mean a considerable increase compared to the latest official data (2013) Ministry of Agriculture Food and Environment (MAGRAMA), that place a rate 67,4%2. Spain is in the middle of recycling European countries (Eurostat, 70%) and above the requirements that marks the European Union (60%).

About Ecovidrio

Ecovidrio is the non-profit entity, responsible for managing the recycling of glass packaging waste in Spain, since 1998. The company is responsible for fully managing the recycling chain, through selective collection, transport, treating glass containers and subsequent marketing.

Ecovidrio provides a public service, universal and free for citizens and makes available to companies that package their products in glass a model of effective and efficient management, both from an environmental and economic perspective.

Nowadays, a total of 2.558 companies are adhering to Ecovidrio. Sectors integrated into the association representing more than 3% of Spanish GDP and market the 99% of glass containers.

Guide ElTenedor

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