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Examples of joint initiatives to make your restaurant


Our reactions in difficult situations reveal our true personality. Faced with the current crisis, although some insist on say otherwise it is not over for many people, we have two options: but sit back complain when acting, or move to help people who are faring worse.

We bring you some solidarity initiatives revolving around gastronomy. We give you some ideas of how we can help others from our restaurant. Actions that do not pose a great effort, but a relief for many.

Solidarity through food trucks or food trucks

It comes first to us from Canada, specifically a city located in the western prairies country, Winnipeg, the capital and most populous town in the Canadian province of Manitoba. Several food trucks gathered at the gates of Siloam Mission during lunchtime on a Monday last September to distribute free food for those staying at the hostel, staff and volunteers. Siloam Mission is a “point connection between compassion and the less fortunate in Winnipeg”, according to its own website. Siloam Mission es “a Christian humanitarian organization which alleviates the difficulties and provides opportunities for change for those affected by homelessness”.

Food Truck Alliance Winnipeg (Winnipeg Food Truck Alliance) He marked the end of the season in a delicious way, serving appetizing meals on the sidewalk. During the event they were served food to hundreds of homeless or in need of Siloam Mission and subsidized housing Madison (Madison Supportive Housing). The mission typically feeds between 500 Y 600 people every day during lunch, Peters by Reagan, communications coordinator Siloam Mission, adding these costs about 3 dollars per person. “Community trust, around the 90 percent of our budget comes from donations. Food is one of our biggest expenses”, Peters explained.

This was the first time these food trucks They have offered such an event. Steffen tin, sushi restaurant owner Red Ember, He helped organize the event and said he wanted to thank sellers community support extended to them throughout the summer and support the less fortunate. “We share the streets with some people who have to use the services of Siloam Mission. We see them in front of the windows of our vans every day and, Unfortunately, they can not buy what we sell, so we wanted a bit acercárselo”, dijo Zinn.

Christine greed, patron and volunteer Siloam Mission, described as great surprise to hear that lunch would be provided by these food trucks. People who frequent this Mission are not accustomed to receive such food. lunches, as usual, consist of soups and sandwiches, so you can choose what they want from a food truck was a real pleasure for it. “I see a lot of smiles, It is exciting for them”, Makara said. Soups and sandwiches left behind to choose among many options: Asian-inspired dishes, chicken wings, pizzas from the wood oven, crepes for dessert…

This charity event, carried out by archiconocidos and famous food trucks have also invaded the Spanish summer, It can be peeled off another great initiative, la Winnipeg Food Truck Alliance, the organization of which the idea. The Winnipeg Food Truck Alliance is an informal group of vendors formed by, approximately, 20 food trucks that have come together to work in the city in an orderly manner, For this they have set up areas where each company sells.

solidarity initiatives restaurants in Spain

They wasted in Europe 179 kilos of food per person per year. At the same time, 800 million people go hungry worldwide. These figures can certainly make us think as happened with the owners of these premises. They have their business and have taken advantage of this to help people within their means.

"Let's do an experiment. If it works will become commonplace. Almost every day we can spare skewers. We do not keep them for the next day, so we throw. Well that's what we do not want. They remain between the door and the shopfront, individually wrapped in a cardboard box, for whoever needs it takes them. We need to give publicity ". This was the message Eduardo Lopez Collado, Positano cafe owner, Oviedo, He published some time ago in a social network and that night started this charity project. Many people applauded their initiative and the first eight skewers placed at the entrance of the restaurant were exploited, everybody, because the next morning there were none. To make such initiatives must rely on some other, so we hope that this meal was to stop people who needed. We fled the adage 'the thief thinks everyone is like him'.

This project appeals to the common sense of people, as is the case with another bold idea occurred in Galdakao, There are allowed to collect food and leave freely in installed in the street with no fridge and common sense rules.

The owner of Positano, Lopez Collado, He says does not intend to lecture: “I trust that the food they took are people in need. I'm not one to invite anyone to follow, each with its business does what he wants. I can not put more skewers, but if all left over in Oviedo diesen…”, reflects Lopez Collado. But this is not the first time this cafe, Lopez is the owner now but where he was employed for many years, makes a solidarity initiative. The hotelier own employees ran the half marathon in favor of Caritas and collaborate with the Food Bank or Economic Kitchen.

“If you need it, picks”, joint proposal from a restaurant in Santander

In one of the doors of the restaurant, on the far side of the main entrance, on the street, there is a red table with twelve tuppers and a poster that puts “If you need picks”. The restaurant is located in Santander but its owner prefers that his name is not known: “please, I do not want to publish the name of the restaurant or the street. Would cease to be something altruistic and would seem an advertising strategy”, He explained to El Diario Montañés.

Since the beginning of October, the owner takes 15 days offering food to those people who every day can have a hot meal on the table. “We are not Caritas, Neither economic Kitchen but we want to take a cable to the locals who are suffering”, Explain. It has asked its workers to disseminate the initiative among those who need it but, beyond, not the name of the restaurant says, does not give rise to speculation about a possible malicious advertising campaign for the establishment. maybe if one day you walk along Santander and you meet with a red table tuppers and a sign that reads: “If you need it, picks”, it shall return to this article memory.

“They throw lots of food restaurants. Instead of cooking a kilo of pasta to the menu of the day cuezo two it does not cost me anything. I get more expensive tupper the food”, explains the head. Menu next to solidarity there is also bread and plastic cutlery, “if someone does not have the street with nothing to eat”.

Other solidarity initiatives restaurants

If we read The Comidista of The country, we find more actions, with the hotel as a center, They intended to help others in need.

  1. pending cafes: It is an initiative Neapolitan imported by a guy from Barcelona who works in marketing online. The objective is cafés paid leave to have it take someone who can not afford one. Cafeterias that are targeted to have the initiative in establishing a blackboard where the point cafés customers have paid and are left pending someone would take. The idea is not only to offer a hot coffee but a quiet moment. Although the initiative has come to Spain two years ago there are already enough establishments that have signed up to it. You can see the places involved in this link.
  2. Today I invite: the web to organize food collections. An initiative to support food banks through accessions from imperishable food organized by private. On their website they provide the necessary resources for anyone to organize their own food collection. It can be organized in a school, in a company, in a shop… After, I collected is delivered to the Food Bank nearest. To participate you just have to find the nearest food bank and start. Or if not, If you see a box of these, collaborates.
  3. Cantabria in Your Mouth: Cantabria in your mouth is a Cantabrian company for social reintegration, with the sale of its products Cantabrian hires unemployed over 50 years. Market only those who have an official certification or are premium. The company was formed to try to solve the unemployment in this age in which it is more difficult to find a job than others. More than two million Spaniards are currently unemployed over 50 years. “After working and helping in soup kitchens, we realized that society today does not address this group”, explains Arísitides, one of the founders. “It is very difficult to re-enter the labor market and, Besides, have not paid off their homes or their children study”. Cantabria in your mouth began operating in the 2012, without assistance and with their own means.

Restaurants act against hunger

Restaurants Against Hunger is a joint initiative of the hospitality industry in Spain promoted by Action Against Hunger in collaboration with the Spanish Federation of Hotels. Hoteliers in this case come together to combat child malnutrition serving 'the dishes more feed’. Restaurants can sign in this link. They must then choose the dishes or menus solidarity letter and point and, for each customer to choose those dishes or menus, intended between 0.5 a 2 prevention euros, diagnosis and treatment of malnutrition.

At the is 2015 It is the sixth edition of this initiative which in 2014 It was attended by 700 restaurants, Sponsored by macro and he achieved a revenue of 125.000 euros equivalent to 3.125 nutritional treatments.

A solidarity initiative that restaurants should be added by conviction and solidarity, not only by the benefits are also offered from the same web: “Cooking against child malnutrition has a lot of advantages. Support the fight against malnutrition and become part of a solidarity campaign in the catering sector: promotes the image of your establishment, helps attract new customers and to retain those who already have, Motivate your employees, provides relief from one 37,5% Donation for businesses and 27,5% should be autonomous”. These advantages, It should be noted, as the most important, the fight against child malnutrition. Far from moral debates, The aim is that increasingly more restaurants join.

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