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ECO BURGER SET, 100% biodegradable y compostable para delivery


Everything that revolves around delivery is in an accelerated process of innovation. The product delivery service is one of the key points in the user experience, the new containers and tableware are part of that new plating that travels to the place where the customer chooses.

Thus, a few days ago we wanted to share as a case study within the Delivery Marketing Course of the Diego Coquillat School, the new line of packaging specially designed for Delivery and Take Away launched by one of the most innovative companies in this area, What is it Cookplay.

  • New packaging specifically designed for hamburgers and made with sugar cane pulp, ecological and disposable
  • Ana Roquero, Cookplay creator, expands the line focused on delivery and take away, catering and other hospitality needs

Just a year ago, Ana Roquero, founder of the Basque Household Publishing House Cookplay, presented EKO Bowl, disposable tableware, 100% biodegradable and compostable, then made up of three pieces. Now and after the success of this solution focused on delivery and take away, catering and other hospitality needs, the line is extended with ECO BURGER SET, specifically designed for hamburgers.

Convinced of the need to stop the massive use of plastic containers in the hospitality sector, Ana Roquero has investigated the possibilities of a very new material. It is about the pulp of sugar cane, and with it he has created a collection of bowls with lids, and also these brand new pieces focused on hamburgers, in which design continues to be one of the keys and the perfect ally to practical use.

“Now more than ever, we must be responsible for what we consume and demand ethical products with the environment. We cannot forget that the delivery and take away sector generates a large amount of waste; because, choosing green options should be our priority. Since Cookplay we want to lead the revolution towards sustainable delivery ", says Ana Roquero.

The star of the cards

The pandemic accelerated delivery and take away, which represent a large growing market. And in the letters of the establishments, For years the hamburger occupies a capital place and is one of the delivery dishes par excellence. From there, the inspiration for Cookplay create specific packaging.

ECO BURGER SET consists of two independent pieces, but with the same design: the container for the hamburger and another, smaller capacity, intended for accompaniment: chips, salad, onion rings ... The set stands out for its ergonomic design, attractive and innovative, through its perforated breathing windows and, definitely, for the material, Sugarcane, sustainable, 100% biodegradable y compostable.

The choice of great chefs

The success of the line has been resounding. The first three EKO BOWLS are present in delivery concepts such as The Great Mediterranean Family of the Dani García Group, Enjoy at Home or Martín Berasategui at Home, among others.

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