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He 32% Restaurant customers often take pictures of the dishes


Fashion make and share photographs of the dishes we tasted in restaurants, It is an unstoppable global trend, thus, Today I would like to share an interesting market study they have done through online surveys portal friends Feebbo.

Son 300 Spanish Internet surveys from different provinces, divided by age criteria, getting answers to the following; from 18 a 24 years, 25 a 29 years and 30 a 34 years, of this, 167 are men and 133 they are women.

Must be assumed that 98.7% of the sample confirms that likes social networks, Thus, we face a regular user profile in social settings.

Asked, Do you usually take pictures of food?, as you can be seen in the following image 32% the answer in the affirmative, a fact that demonstrates the enormous willingness of new customers to share photos via internet.

Photos of the plates of food through social networks

But look at what the utility given the pictures we do, he 60% the shares through Whatsapp, he 43% the climbs to Facebook, he 31% Instagram and 28% a Twitter.

What we do with the photos of the restaurants

Another very interesting fact that shows how users learning the own communication codes of the digital channels, is that the 58% of rising food photos include a hashtag or label text sharing.

Photo hashtags food restaurants

To the question what strikes you most of a meal?, the majority response is the appearance of that plate together.

What catches the attention on dishes from restaurants

By last, A few weeks ago was much talked about a campaign that had made a London restaurant where you could pay the restaurant bill in exchange for sharing photos via Instagram. If you stick to the answers of respondents it thinks the idea of ​​liked:

Pay at restaurants with photographs


The photograph, the gastronomy, restaurants and new technologies in this digital age are complementary and almost indivisible. In countries like Spain, Digital channels have given a new perspective to the culinary conversation, so deeply rooted among us, the possibility, not only to use verbal language, but to use visual communication to see and share our dishes.

No wonder the success that is taking the hashtag #foodporn, or gastronomic pornography, understood as that innate need or exhibitionism that we have many users of digital channels to show and share online the dishes we tasted in restaurants.

And you do you think, Do you share the photographs of the dishes you order in restaurants? What social networks you share them? What motivates you to do?

Source: Feebbo.com

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