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He 47% US restaurants, will hold shares in social networks 2012


Following the survey has made one of the most important publications in the United States, the NRN (Nation´s Restaurant News), I want to comment a fact that shows which is the main trend of investment in marketing of the restaurants in this country.

The question that was performed more than 150 Restaurant was :

Where will they carry out their main marketing Year 2012?

This is the result :

It really is amazing the overwhelming majority of social networks, since a 47% restaurants of respondents said their main marketing Year 2012 They were to take place in social networks, In front of a 28% promotions in the restaurant itself, a 11% promotions on local TV, a 8% promotions on TV and national cable 7% on the radio. Suman 101% by rounding.

Es un dato que revela la importancia que las redes sociales van a tener en el año 2012 in the US and as the model of customer acquisition and retention has changed influenced by technology and that makes us see, once again, relevance that SMR(Social Media Restauranting) It has marketing actions in restaurants, becoming the main element of promotion and communication of one of the most important industries in this country.

I am convinced it has much to do with this response, demonstrating the direct relationship between actions on social networks and increased sales in restaurants that use, As I mentioned in my post “Social networks cause the restaurant patrons eat and spend more”.

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