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He 51% British prefer to order takeout to eat at a fancy restaurant


Just Eat, the company famous home food delivery, It has led to the realization of a Market research on the habits and preferences of British citizens with regard to requests for takeaways.

Such market survey was conducted by seasoned analysts OnePoll, they have interviewed more than 2000 adult consumers to infer trends that dominate the sector during this 2018.

The data were presented at the beginning of September to publicize the celebration of the British Takeaway Awards, an event now in its fourth edition and also comes from the hand of Just Eat.

One of the most important conclusions of the research done is that English value more placidly eating at home to do it in a fancy restaurant awarded prestigious awards, as may be the case of those establishments decorated with Michelin star.

Specific a 51% of respondents would choose to receive your food order at the entrance of your home or go pick the establishment in person to eat it then quietly from the couch or dining table in the company of family. Another part of the respondents would not feel particularly inclined towards any of the two options. Only a small percentage decantaría by eating out at a local recognized in the field of restoration.

While the study does not elaborate, This value corresponds to the population at risk of poverty in the UK, as some critics funded statistics Just Eat. They are not offered, Nevertheless, arguments in support of an alleged spurious relationship.

In fact, for the report are, Besides, paragraphs that talk about the motives of the participants in the survey to avoid elite restaurants. Not one of the main answers the price paid per guest (which, as is well known is substantially higher than in other establishments).

Yes they are issued complaints because of the small portions served in tasting dishes, dilated waiting lists that prevent making short-term plans, and the need to comply with dress code Shading and clearly out of place.

The prospects offered by citizens correspond to a market that is undergoing a transformation titanic. The turnover driven by orders grew takeaways 34% between 2009 Y 2016, continues to grow over the years, Y in 2022 there could be an increase of 13% plus If those estimated by the Takeaway Economy Report forecasts signed by the Center for Economics and Business Research are met (CBER), one of the leading economic consulting Islands.

The director of Just Eat organization in UK, Graham Corfield, confirms this scenario: "The quality takeaways forms the heart of British culture. These small independent businesses not only offer great food and service to their local community, but also strive behind the scenes to bring nationwide food that people love, so that often they do not recognize as would be due '.

The report surveys extracted from the dichotomy is not reduced takeaways against fancy restaurants. He also talks about the feeling perceived in the population on food orders with the possibility of takeaway or cast. In this regard more than a quarter of respondents are so pleased with the orders of this type made so far would not hesitate to expand their orders to other foods, such as breakfast.

Surprisingly a percentage not inconsiderable British respondents are justifiable confront their partners if there is no agreement when ordering takeaway (a scandalous 49% according to the study of OnePoll).

Another fact that should be noted is that packaged meals have become a kind of catering For special occasions. About 1740 of the 2000 surveyed (a 87% of the total) They said they would take orders for pick up or would request the services of a food distribution company for home events like birthdays, inaugurations of new homes, celebrate or have gotten a new job.

Of course, although not included in the study, many other situations are likely to invoke similar behaviors: christenings, anniversaries, wedding, and other gatherings of friends.

The ecosystem orders takeaway UK is unique Just Eat and knows it by heart. The company sharing food at home sit there in sauce. Among the characteristics that give the English market a unique singularity that makes it difficult for new competitors are a passion for eating cold pizza, interest request to take orders for breakfast, complement the habit of ordering fries garnished with curry or taste to eat sitting at any step in the street.

All strange habits, but being honest with ourselves, What could we expect from the citizens of a country which still drive on the left?

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