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He 52% restaurants considers a priority in social networks 2014


Very interesting this graph that has been recently published by the NRN US, in response to a survey 350 professionals in the restaurant industry in this country.

The question at issue concerned where they go the main items of marketing during the year 2014


After seeing the graph, it seems clear, that he Social Media Restauranting in the United States is a genuine reality that is caused many companies in the restaurant industry, specifically an overwhelming 52%, take it up as their main strategy in your marketing plan.

Social Media restauranting, through new customers, It has made the scanning process and tecnoadaptación the current market is a requirement for all companies that want to meet the new challenges facing the sector.

Most American companies choose this strategy is not a fluke, They are aware that it is currently the most efficient way to reach potential customers.

But to finish I would leave my clear position, since I am not in favor of focusing the 100% marketing efforts on digital channel.

My experience and my studies in this field, I constantly confirm, that the best result is achieved using a combination of both channels.

Online and offline so they are doomed to be understood within the restaurant industry, is the new challenge facing this sector, be able to understand that the customer experience has become something global, where digital and face add value as a single element.

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