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He 58% Sales at US restaurants already made outside the local


Mobility services restaurants They have completely transformed the way consumers enjoy their meals. Just a decade ago halls filled establishments and advertising at street was almost exclusively. Nowadays, the diner still has the restaurant to taste dishes outside their everyday experience, but now also he wants to enjoy in the privacy of your home. This is especially so among young audiences.

This reality has been demonstrated again and again in various news, business decisions of the big players in the sector mobility restoration, as well as reports and reports issued by analysts specialized.

Once again, a professional convention is evidenced. This time the data reinforce previously exposed come from the hand of the vice president National Restaurant Association (NRA) US. UU., Hudson Riehle. During one of the presentations that the association held periodically, Riehle y Melissa Wilson, boss of Technomics, They exposed some Recent statistics on the behavior of the market, consumption habits of potential customers, the opportunities for restaurateurs and trends facing the future.

The following are some of the metrics that gave rise to more interest being valued by professionals during that NRA Show:

  1. Sales outside the restaurant represent now a 58% of the total turnover. Within these sales are considered orders in vehicle lanes, and the collection vehicle or pick-up. Also within the requests online intended for home delivery and orders to collect, sometimes called carry out O takeaway.
  2. He 44% consumer under 34 years make food delivery orders. This percentage decreases to a 34% if we consider all demographic segments. These data come from a survey conducted with 1500 restaurant customers of all ages. He drive-thru (ask not lose the car) It stands as the option of sales outside the most important local: a 39% users use it. He takeaway lags behind, a not inconsiderable 29 percent.
  3. He 78% business restoration EE. THE. consider business strategies oriented mobility services are critical. the fact is attested that this is so considering a 75% restaurants are also increasing their investment to operate effectively in this market segment. The data come from a study by Technomic which was attended by 400 American restaurateurs.
  1. The same study indicates that a 92% restorers respondents perceived volume of additional business through sales outside local (off-premise). The main routes through which this was possible is the addition of new customers, increasing the economic performance of the establishment and changes in sales or how to operate.
  2. He 66% restaurants offers off-premise. This is an increase of the 50% about 2018. In addition, a 57% restorers have observed firsthand that strategies aimed at local sales outside are now much more important than they were just two years ago.

After the flurry of data, Show the NRS continued hand and Melissa Hudson. To settle all this information in the audience exemplified cases referring to restaurant chains that are currently experiencing exponential growth and explosive thanks to early adoption of technologies that provide good service outside the local.

Among the houses mentioned include Noodles & Company, one settled EE chain. THE. specializing in noodle dishes from around the world, pasta, salads and soups international. During the first quarter of 2019 outside sales rose crazy 56 percent, and assuming almost a quarter of its total turnover.

In case of Potbelly’s, also raised during the conference, is not very different. Potbelly Sandwich Shop is the first choice for many lovers of the sandwiches. Currently operates in several Anglophone countries such as the United. UU., Canada, UK and India, as well as in Arab nations such as United Arab Emirates and Kuwait. Restaurant chain organized recently surpassed the threshold of the 20% as far as sales outside premises referred.

Data and actual cases show that there are real opportunities for restaurateurs who are put to work. Of course, additional sales and new customers illustrate the beautiful part of the deal. The not so nice part refers to the need for investment in advertising online, digital communication, reorganization of the workspace in the local, changes in the mode of operation and logistics of the establishment, as well as the costs of packaging and contracting services delivery food delivery when needed.

In any case, It is expected that the least to 2023 market mobility in the restoration industry continues to increase at a rapid pace. Expert analysts speak of a steady growth over the 10% annual, even to that observed during the last five years. If indeed this is true, there are still many customers they serve through options off-premise.

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