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5G revolutionize telecommunications in the restaurant industry


The advent of the Internet brought the first services to order online, like those Telepizza He offered on its website for beyond 1998. Later was the adoption of mobile telephony which brought another horde of technological innovations to the world of restaurants. A case almost forgotten is the reserves by SMS. But it was the arrival of new telecommunication technologies to these devices that really spurred inventiveness in the restaurant industry.

With the arrival of the high speed internet almost anywhere, the apps phones began to proliferate. 3G brought the image, through which a restaurant could have more or less impact on social networks. 4G pushed the arrival of the video, then the sector professionals could differentiate itself from competitors by creating audiovisual campaigns with great detail, basically television advertisements broadcast through social networks.

5G It is about to land and the industry still does not know to what extent this technological innovation will be disruptive. What will bring him 5G? According to some experts of the sector, as Julie Littman, the possibilities are endless.

5G is expected on the market from 2020, and it is considered to be swift adoption, so that in just two or three years the technology could be almost universal. Mobile phones and smartphones they can fully use the capabilities of this band may benefit from data transmission speeds much higher and lower latency. If the 3G era image and videos 4G, You could say that 5G concerns live broadcasts or streamings.

But the live broadcast is not all that appears with the 5G. Where once the download time a video was several minutes, with the new telecommunication technology we can expect to be done just in a few seconds. If the website of a restaurant was slow to load because of the numerous photographs of the dishes are prepared on site, Now there will be no load times that frustrate Internet users or customers interested.

This means that restaurants can bring their efforts marketing digital and improving presence online to the Nth degree without worrying about computing power or speed navigation users call into question their experience.

On the other hand, at the least in Europe, it is expected that with the arrival of the 5G appear finally the long-awaited mobile data flat rates. Internet users currently have to decide whether to stop using online services to their mobile internet or incurring a cost overrun. That decision could cease to exist in the future. In this way, whoever possesses a mobile device compatible with the 5G could stay connected all day to your favorite applications, whether apps mobile chain restaurants haunting, navigation tools as Google Maps or the most popular social networks yet: Facebook, Twitter e Instagram.

Using the same time for all these utilities will not slow the experience, Thanks to the major escalation in the rate of data transmission the new generation of mobile telecommunications, users can maintain all applications that wish to open, without involving your phone to get stuck in an infinite loading screen.

The value of the 5G from a marketer is unquestionable view. Advertisers will have more freedom to design their campaigns, so that these will increase their conversion rate without a doubt. But how to target these campaigns will also be different from the current, well future users will remain connected to the Internet, apps mobile and social networks for even longer. Geolocation advertising efforts and segmentation of the audience will be greater because. Thus the ultrapersonalización advertising of the restaurants will be a valid and viable strategy.

And out of the world of the marketing, 5G is also prepared to enter as an elephant in a cacharrería. The internet of things or IoT, still it used below its potential in the sector of hotels and restaurants, It could be exposed to a great revolution.

Since the 5G delivers faster data transmission and connection facilities, process automation through specialized Internet-connected appliances, IOT interface robots and intelligent sensors able to communicate with the other elements could make the kitchens and pantries of premises in ways we can not even imagine at this point.

Jay Melone, Assistant Vice President AT&T, communications conglomerate most infamous US. UU., he thinks that 5G spaces could also bring virtual reality to restaurants. This technology would be used not only for the enjoyment of visitors, but it would also serve the purpose of training camp for new workers still in training.

And along with virtual reality, Melone noted in his blog that other technological innovations could become even less explored, as might be the case haptic stimulation, whereby they could be synthesized sensations weight, touch, or even smells. This would allow newcomers to the establishment cook without spending costly victuals local.

While some of these applications are still far from being a reality, it is also true that the 5G is just around the corner, so the first developments related to the arrival of these technological innovations associated with the world of telecommunications will not be made to wait.

No doubt the younger will be the first benefit get to the 5G, and in that sense you may share photos of food Instagram becomes old stuff. Perhaps the T generation is really interested in relaying the lunch your audience, as already do some influencers of the world streamings China and South Korea, 5G time and say.

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