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He 66% customer is willing to pay more for excellent customer service


There is no doubt that the customer service It is increasingly important, and restaurant industry is no stranger to this growing trend, where high competition is demanding service excellence in all types of restaurants, from the most expensive and ostentatious to the cheapest.

Finance company American Express recently he commissioned A study to the enterprise Echo Research in order to measure the impact that customer service has on different variables.

The study is conducted in the US, a sample of 1.000 people, all over 18 years.

Among the many interesting facts that can be extracted, I seem particularly relevant to the sector of the three restaurants that share below.

The first refers to something that we all somehow intuit but that through these studies is quantified and that is that almost 70% customers are willing to spend more money if the service is excellent, in particular they spend on average 13% plus, but even some (5%) they would spend up 33% plus.

This data is very important for the restaurant industry as it shows that there are variables that are capable of diluting the enormous impact that price currently has in many countries and that the profitability and solvency of restaurants is directly related to excellence in the service, among other variables.

Social Media restauranting improves customer service

Another fact that seems relevant and is closely related to online reputation, one of the pillars of SMR (Social Media Restauranting), This is how negative experiences in customer service directly influence future purchases of that product, and is the 55% Customer, as you can be seen in the chart below, They confirm that if they had a bad experience in customer service would never again buy the product.

If we transferred it to the world of restaurants, we would conclude that more than half would not return if the service experience was not satisfactory.. There is also a factor to consider is that thanks to the social networks and not only influenced by personal or own unsatisfactory experiences, but also those of other customers as we have seen repeatedly in this blog.

Finally and entering more fully in service restaurants, He asked the participants, on the maximum acceptable waiting time in a restaurant, and according to their answers they set in 12 minute halftime maximum waiting, Detailed results were as follows:

  • The maximum waiting time is less than 5 minutes for 19%
  • The maximum waiting time is between 5 Y 10 minutes for 29%
  • The maximum waiting time is between 10 Y 15 minutes for 23%
  • The maximum waiting time is between 15 Y 30 minutes for 21%
  • The maximum waiting time is between 30 Y 60 minutes for 5%
  • The maximum waiting time is more than an hour for the 4%

Summing up the first three intervals note that the 73% Customer, a large majority, would assume that up 15 minutes is the maximum acceptable waiting in a restaurant.

And you do you think? Do you think customer service is a key competitive advantage today in restaurants?

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