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He 73% customers choose a restaurant by comments on social networks


A few days ago he launched a question to the more than 7.000 facebook fans of El Rancho Madrid con el objetivo de saber su opinión sobre como le influyen los comentarios que leen en internet de otros clientes a la hora de elegir o reservar un restaurante.

Although it is obvious that the result is not part of a definitive study, if it is true that surprised me so favorable predisposition customers to be influenced, since the 53% replies that “almost always” will influence and 20% what “always”, representing a 73% and he is aware that its final decision in choosing a restaurant most likely will be conditioned by comments and experiences from other customers, In front of a 27% with a negative predisposción this influence.

Again we see another example of one of the pillars on which is based the SMR (Social Media Restauranting), como es la reputación online, It is becoming an essential element for attracting new customers in restaurants.

Here you have an infographic I made with query results, si pasáis el ratón por encima podéis obtener más datos.

And what do you think, You think that influence both decision making comments on social networks from other customers?

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