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He 80% people is pending mobile while eating


A steak knife, another for fish, spoons, holders and mobile, these are the elements around the plate. Whether you eat in a restaurant like we do at home during a family meal, some smartphone, or smart phone will be on the table, If you do not do memory.

And is that eight out of ten people are outstanding mobile while eating and a 60% these leaves the phone on the table while 'Enjoy’ a meal, usually with the sound activated, according to the study 'How to eat Spanish’ prepared by Elena Espeitx, of the Welfare Group Social Capital Research and the University of Zaragoza. The first trend is observed, especially among women, while men tend to keep it in your pocket with sound.

Eight out of ten people are outstanding mobile while eating and 60% these leaves the phone on the table while 'enjoying' a meal, usually with the sound activated.The Odyssey online

"In the study we observed that technology is increasingly present in our foods', EFE has noted the author.

In television company

Likewise, more than half of the population have the TV on during meals and even a 90% sees while dining, most to distract or learn today, According to the study conducted on a sample of 1.500 interviews online, representative of the Spanish population.

Another major findings of the study refers to the fast meals Spanish, since one of every four devotes just 15 minutes less, a rate that is accentuated halfway, that is to say, a scant seven and a half minutes, in young people between 18 Y 24 years. So we can summarize that Spanish meals are quick and hyperconnected.

Elena Espeitx, PhD in Social Anthropology and professor at the University of Zaragoza, comments that lunch breaks in Spain, in the case of long take advantage not only to feed, “the problem is that most people do not eat intended that time and invest in other activities such as work or family obligations among others”.

Spanish let us raise labor commitments before the table; six out of ten Spaniards work longer is what steals your meals. further, how quickly food can have negative consequences for the Salute. more than 50% says women notice any digestive discomfort when little time for eating.

Loss social component

Loneliness also stars Spanish meals and even more so in the case of large cities, Madrid and Barcelona where up to 40% workers eat alone weekdays.

Perhaps this good company remains one of the most appreciated factors in eating. In fact, the 88% states devote to your meals longer if they are accompanied and 67% It feels very happy when they share table with people who want, that is to say, much social dimension values. Elena Espeitx “It is positive that society reflect on their habits and how to raise your meals a pleasant time”.

Teenagers prefer mobile to eat

The smartphone They have broken into our lives so invasive that it no longer remember what was waiting in the dentist's office flipping through a magazine, for example. And that happens at meals, We exploit all 'free time’ to tinker with our 'smart phone'. If this occurs in adults who have spent his childhood and adolescence without seeing their favorite cartoons in a tablet, it's normal that young people who have grown up surrounded by screens, have a more overdependence.
The teens prefer mobile to eat or drink water, They put it ahead of even wear shoes. This emerges from a study by marketing agency Refuel Agency where it appears the priority list of the youngest and where first is the mobile phone.
Specifically, the 10 products which can not live known as millennials They are next in order of preference: mobile phone, food, computer, clothes, shoes, mp3, tablet, console, TV and water. In this infographic you can learn a little further generation preferences millennial.

A vote in favor of the desktop

In a British blog dedicated to the Spanish gastronomic culture where typical recipes diffuse, covers tips, hells that his country collect our customs, etc. an entry in the detailed appears six Spanish customs lunchtime highlighting the eyes of an Englishman. Among them, one of the characteristic features of Spanish to the table that calls attention to our British neighbors is the desktop.

A Spaniards we like to practice the desktop, eat quietly plus, enjoy good conversation with other diners. Although the current rate and the distribution of patriotic schedules are destroying this great practice and push us to eat fast and bad, we like both the desktop that is often, on certain days, empalmemos food with so-called high tea.

Jessica Stoll Mother Nature Network

Full stomach, tranquility, conversation… We befall us these feelings to mind and, only to think them, and we feel a little better, even us want to see the next 'quiet meal'. But not only our pace of modern life makes us almost take the desert road away. The presence of the mobile on the table makes us enjoy less food, be less attentive to the conversations and pay more interest to notices of our 'new technological fellow diners'.

Because, a possible initiative you can implement in your restaurant is book a couple of tables where you are prohibited from using phones while food, as they have done in this restaurant Miami. If we are not able to 'detoxify' for ourselves, we have to find a boost. You then tell us whether it works.

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