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He 80% US restaurants already use social networks


The following data reconfirm the clear tendency in restaurants by the use of social networks, which are already indisputably the first marketing resource most used by the powerful American restaurant industry.

Social networks are the most utililizado for you restaurants in the United States

Eight out of ten restaurants in the US and use strategies Social Media Restauranting, exceeding by more than 20 percentage to email and traditional media such as newspapers or radio spots.

These data confirm the change of model that I talking in this blog for quite a few years. Social networks and new technologies have changed the relationship between restaurants and their customers.

But this fact makes me reflect on one aspect that I consider essential from now. In most of the processes that have exponential growth in a short time, initially there is always a burst phase / novelty where raw quantity over quality, then readjusted.

When I began to write this blog, I remember that one of the issues in which more insisted, It was the difference between the restaurants that used social networks and those who did not, that “gap” It has been closing over time and the incorporation of new technologies in industry.

We face a time when many users have already accepted the middle as natural and other differentiators are now looking beyond the medium itself.

From now on everything is no longer valid in social networks and increasing the level of demand of users will be higher, and restaurants will have to cope with this new demand with three elements necessary, creativity, input value and differentiation.

What is your opinion?Do you think this trend in the use of social networks will also be implemented in other countries?

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