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He 85% Spaniards opt for national tourism and gastronomy is their main claim

  • This year the Spanish holidays are more important than ever for the recovery of the bars and restaurants in our country. He 85% of the Spanish will travel through Spain, especially to regions such as the Cantabrian Coast (28%) or to the south of the Peninsula (21%), to enjoy the varied gastronomy that our country offers
  • He 71% will travel this year mainly to beach destinations, where they plan to spend between € 25 and € 35 in restaurants to enjoy typically summer proposals such as rice, Gazpacho, salmorejo, salads and seafood. The Cantabrian cornice (28%) and the south of the Peninsula (21%) are the most desired destinations this year

The summer heat permeates the streets of all the cities and beaches of Spain, and many Spaniards already enjoy more than deserved vacations. These holidays will become more important than ever, since they are not only the rest and freedom that the Spanish have been demanding for so long, but also the recovery of the Spanish restaurant sector, which is key for tourism in our country, and what contributes 6,2% to GDP and generates 1.7M jobs.

For this reason, ElTenedor, Leading online booking app in Spain, They have analyzed how the Spanish are behaving this year when traveling, reflecting, in other aspects, that he 85% of the Spanish who plan to travel this year will do it in Spain and that gastronomy is decisive when choosing between one destination or another.

More vacation desire than ever

After three months of quarantine and de-escalation, Spaniards are more eager than ever to leave home this year. further, although video calls have been the main tool to communicate with the world, the time has come to share time and moments with those most loved. In this sense, he 60% They have decided to disconnect between one and two weeks to go on vacation and the 22% It will be a minimum of weeks, mainly as a couple (58%), in family (49%) or with friends (26%).

Bet on national destinations and local gastronomy

Spanish society is very aware this year of the importance of traveling and consuming across national territory, a measure that can help the recovery of some of the sectors hardest hit by the crisis. A) Yes, of the 71% of Spaniards who will travel this summer, the vast majority of them will do it by regions of our country.

Cultural wealth, historical and culinary of our country makes it possible for us to have the option of choosing from hundreds of destinations, very different from each other, without having to leave our borders. As usual in the summer, he 71% Spaniards have decided on beach destinations, followed by the mountain (22%) and the cities (7%). Putting the focus on destinations, hay dos zonas de nuestra geografía que atraerán a casi la mitad de los ciudadanos de nuestro país este verano.

A) Yes, while he 28% commitment to destinations on the Cantabrian coast and the Atlantic, like A Coruña, Gijón, Santander, Bilbao and San Sebastián, where the heat grants a certain truce in summer with milder temperatures; he 21% they opt for the South, through the provinces of the Andalusian community, to enjoy the sun and the unique lifestyle that this region represents. The rest of the regions, by popularity, would be Catalonia (16%), Levante (10%), Baleares (8%), interior provinces (5%) and the Canary Islands (3%).

One of the great attributes of our country is the variety and quality of its gastronomy., that has excellent products and culinary proposals throughout its geography. This is undoubtedly one of the main incentives to travel in Spain., where the 99% of people observe gastronomy as one of the main means of learning about local cultures. further, he 96% afirma estar especialmente motivado para probar platos de otras regiones.

About favorite dishes at this time of year, stands out above all paella and rice in general, which are the first option for the 63% of the Spanish diners. further, cold creams like gazpacho (57%) and the salmorejo (45%), they are also the must for many during the summer, followed by the salads (55%) and fried seafood and heavy (42%).

Back to restaurants

Little by little, life returns to normal and thousands of restaurants throughout our country do the same.. The Spanish are aware of this and, once again, They will turn to them to enjoy the best culinary moments of their holidays. A) Yes, he 34% Spaniards plan to make between one and three weekly restaurant reservations during their vacations, Meanwhile he 26% plan to do it more than three times and the 17% will do it every day. Definitely, he 81% will book more vacation restaurants than usual and, Besides, he 73% They plan to do it in advance to avoid running out of a table.

By last, on spending on restaurants, he 46% diners plan to spend between € 25 and € 35 on their lunches and dinners in restaurants, Meanwhile he 26% will not reach € 25 and the 18% estimates spending between € 35 and € 50.

This year our main objective is to help Spanish restaurants recover as soon as possible.. This type of analysis is key to know the habits of diners in our country and to continue promoting the recovery of the sector”, comments Marcos Alves, CEO of ElTenedor in Spain.We are aware that this year's outlook is different from the usual, but we are convinced that, offering the pertinent safety and hygiene measures, little by little we will get everything back to how it was before”, Add.

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