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He 96% of online opinions no response from restaurants


One more year, Vivential Value, one of the reference consultant studies on online reputation related to tourism, publishes its “iRON_Rtes´14”, Online Reputation Index restaurants in Spain during the year 2014.

It represents the 4th edition, where they analyze the influence of opinions, online comments and reviews on the restaurant industry. Specific, el estudio se ha realizado sobre 20 Spanish provinces, 35.000 establishments and over 1.400.000 customer reviews.

The first data, and certainly, one of the most important, It is the continuation of the rising trend in opinions online, It is maintaining a similar increase the previous year, close to 50% new user reviews.

But without any doubt, If we look back and see the percentage increase between the year 2011 and the 2014, the figure is spectacular, more than one 400% growth in just 4 years.

online Restaurant Reviews

But it seems that the sector finishes not understand the importance of online reputation has in the future sustainability of your company, and the competitive advantage that it supposes, since the 96% the views do not get response from hoteliers.

I can not overstress my students in the classes I teach, one of the main rules to be self-impose for proper online reputation management, It is to answer all customer feedback, both positive and negative. It is the best way to demonstrate to our community the importance that we have the views of these.

Percentage of responses to comments online

How could it be otherwise, the largest online criticism restaurants obtained is based on the price, and what causes greater satisfaction customer is the food.

The sector must be clear, that the great challenge facing, It is to seek excellence in overall customer experience, all efforts must be aligned to achieve maximum satisfaction, and not just offline, also online, This will be the true competitive differentiation in the short term.

Price is the worst valued at restaurants

It seems that the Russian clients, Brazilians and Americans are expressing their opinions online greater satisfaction with their experience in Spanish restaurants.

You might have an explanation, if we, originally as countries which are not too rich gastronomy, it is not the level of Spanish and certainly there is a positive impact on them.

more satisfied tourists in the restauantes

Another element that I am particularly interested, It is knowing the device from which customers made comments, According to the findings of Vivential Value, practically the same for mobile devices than for desktop.

This is a very important theme, as this allows us to see traceability of an opinion, and analyze how the trend is changing in recent years, because now many customers who share an online opinion in the various digital channels, do from the restaurant itself using your smartphone, As I explained in my post “Data on how customers are using Twitter restaurants, lo que exige un proceso de monitorización y una respuesta más ágil por parte del restaurante.

The online opion of the restaurants on different devices

Nor indicators measuring quality in online reputation management are too favorable, since almost half of the restaurants remain invisible, that is to say, It has no Internet presence and a disappointing 63% They are unstable, has less than 10 reviews, It is causing them that an opinion will favor a good score much, but a bad opinion excess harm them in their positioning.

Restaurants unstable and invisible

By last, he “iRON_Rtes´14”, It maintains a very similar pattern to the previous year, even for the first time in the last four years, It decreases minimally, certainly a clear element of concern for a sector in which the customer is increasingly demanding greater involvement of the restaurants in the process of digital transformation that is occurring in the industry worldwide.

Online reputation index restaurants in Spain

I would like to know your opinion on this report, Do you think that restaurants do not reach the minimum level required by the market in terms of online reputation management?

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