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He 98% customers who have paid in a restaurant with a mobile would do it again


Today I want to share some information that I think are very relevant in the latest study that has been published on the influence of mobile technology in the restaurant industry.

Specifically it is a infographic conducted in the US with data extracted from reports Google Shopper Marketing Council, Technomic, National Restaurant Association and some other sources.

It shows once more, something that I've been talking about in this blog for many months, the positive correlation between the use of mobile technology and attracting and retaining new customers in restaurants.

Some of the most relevant data in this report are:

He 83% use your smartphone to decide the restaurant where you will eat while traveling and 46% choose a new restaurant proposed by ads on your mobile.

l 83% utiliza su smartphone para decidir el restaurante donde va a comer mientras viaja y el 46% elige un nuevo restaurante gracias a los anuncios propuestos en su móvil.


Al 40% You would like to pay in fast food restaurants with a mobile or wireless service, of these the 98%, it has already paid in a restaurant with Mobile, I would return to perform and also those who pay with mobile spend twice.

Al 40% le gustaría pagar en los restaurantes de comida rápida con el móvil o algún servicio inalámbrico, de esos el 98%, que ya ha pagado en un restaurante con móvil, lo volverían a realizar y además los que pagan con el móvil gastan el doble.


only 16% restaurants have an app. He 95% independent restaurants do not have mobile web and 50% restaurants acknowledges that spend more resources to facilitate its customers as WiFi technology, iPads, tablets y apps.

Sólo el 16% de los restaurantes tienen un app. El 95% de los restaurantes independientes no tienen web móvil y el 50% de los restaurantes reconoce que gastará más recursos en facilitar a sus clientes tecnología como wifi, iPads, tablets y apps.

In view of these data it seems that mobile technology and especially the paying customers at restaurants through their smartphones, It is an unstoppable trend that increasingly is closer and restaurants have techno-adapted to offer this service to customers that soon they will sue.

What is your opinion about the future influence of mobile technology in restaurants?

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