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Atlanta airport restaurants recommended by videos


In this era of unstoppable globalization in which we live, There is a new element that is here to stay: customizing content. Día a día somos bombardeados con miles de noticias, brands and products, novel or classic.

Faced with this information overload, we find the inability to assimilate huge amounts of options that are offered and we have to shuffle when making simple decisions such as which restaurant to eat.

Do we want to go to a tapas bar or a traditional restaurant? Will China or Mexican Food? ¿Italian pizza or American-style burger? Faced with this dilemma hovering whenever we decide to eat out or dine out, technology comes to our rescue once again with personalization systems supply as already exists in the Atlanta International Airport Hartsfield-Jackson.

All travelers passing through the airport this American city are a selección de los restaurantes alojados en la instalación que se presentan a base de vídeos en el móvil cuando se accede a Facebook. While it is imperative to have a smarthphone, it is up secondary Facebook, ya que no solo a través de esta red social se puede descubrir la oferta gastronómica, but can also be consulted once the traveler is connected to the Wi-Fi network available to the airport.

If we focus on the first option, which involves using Facebook, The system is based on aspects of geolocation. Through Facebook Places tool, travelers calling at the Atlanta airport will see several videos of the existing restaurants in the installation, as long as, we insist, have activated geolocation on their mobile devices.

What matters is no longer so you can discover the local cuisine, but also can do it according to your tastes. The filter is provided by the social network itself, which selects those establishments that fit your preferences more, so if you are interested in healthy eating will recommend a local salad and similarly done with other interests.

In case that the traveler does not have account on Facebook, You can access this service videos by connecting to the wireless network from the airport. Once the connection is established, you will be redirected to the airport website where you will find a section with all the restaurants, yes, here without selection by consumer tastes.

Videos of restaurants focused customer

All videos published are signed by Bread N’ Butter Productions, an American production company dedicated to films of gastronomic marketing theme for restaurants. his projects, as themselves define, They do not stay in pure entertainment, but they are focused on achieving specific business objectives of its clients, especially one: he more effectively reach your potential diners.

Claims the producer on his latest venture beyond the wall of Facebook and single airport. In the words of its president Cody Hicks, "Our growth plans go through to create a web support globally dedicated to the 'airport dinner', in which you can search for airports and serve as a platform for distribution of all promotional videos that we create for staying restaurants in all of them ".

At the moment, the company is working with several airfields United States to bring the project to the entire country but has also decided to lower the clouds and expand into the sea, for what has already been contacted "with one of the lines of major cruise", according Hicks.

The user also recommended restaurants

With this project they aim to separate road known so far in customizing oriented traveler. other airports, such as Hong Kong and, even, some hotels have opted for an early warning system in smartphones through the tool Facebook Bluetooth Beacons.

Although not the first idea of ​​the most popular social network in the world focused on recommending restaurants, This service is designed especially for businesses forward their services directly and segmented customer but, in this case, the content is created by users themselves, who share their experience on the platform designed for guests. Through the mobile phone bluethooth, clients connect to the service in question, making consumption more social and collaborative experience.

It's without doubt that Video is increasingly a greater role in the digital channels and this is a good example of how to use it for the benefit of the restaurants located at an airport, sure that soon also see it in other venues.

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