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Tap water in bars and restaurants sparks controversy in networks


Was water free tap in bars and restaurants? Yes or no? That is the question. The issue has sparked controversy in social networks, specially in Facebook. There is no majority in the views or hint of possible consensus.

The social network Mark Zuckerberg is burning since last Thursday TO FATHER, Organization of consumers and users, claimed through its official website and social networks the development of a national law obliging hotel and catering establishments to always offer the possibility of a container with tap water for free and complementary to the offer onsite.

He did taking advantage of the celebration of World Water Day and has sparked controversy by both business owners and users and customers. While in cities like Granada, Mallorca and Pamplona this practice is common in restaurants and bars, there is no law requiring it.

Nevertheless, apparently seen in the comments in social media, there seems to be unanimity on the matter although the OCU defends his initiative claiming that “water is a commodity”. Rather the complete opposite.

Here we will share some of the views that generated the controversial topic on Facebook:

and Twitter, the reactions of all kinds have been wait either. Here you have a sample of them:

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