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Aloe vera comes to restaurants as healthy drink


Tastes reinvent themselves, drinks change and producers are betting on new items covering the existing demand.

Possibly you've heard of curious drinks or rather strange flavors like flavored soda cherry, mint or handle. Even, there are more exotic blends, something rare, flavored octopus, wasabi, cheese, cucumber or green tea. Definitely, there are flavors for every taste.

In our country, consumption per exceeds 46 liters per year, Andalucía community being more soft drinks consumed in Spain. Is it because of the heat and high temperatures?

As a curiosity, the great “red signature”, Coca Cola, has more than 3.500 references in its portfolio and continues to increase every day. In Spain more than one million cans are sold per hour, a frantic figure.

Although the true origin of refreshment stops in the German jeweler Johann Jacob Schweppe creating Year 1783 Method for carbonating gas and bubble -Provide- to refresh.

Currently, soft drinks tend to change because of its high sugar content, because, multinationals opt for alternative sweetener or stevia such as Coca-Cola Life, a product launched in the year 2013 for Argentina and Chile, and that it be seen by other countries.

Once we talked about these marks quite familiar, is the time to do it over other less common as are the based drinks natural ingredients. These are mushrooming day by day due to the growing demand for food BIO or help refresh and improve health, in this case.

Proof of its growing consumption, the “Red company "just invest in a startup called Aloe Based Drinks, dedicated to produce soft drinks with aloe vera.

But, What are its benefits? What does this plant? what you have ...

Mainly, It is rich in vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, minerals, fatty acids, etc., aloe vera is fashionable. A classified by Egyptians as the "plant of immortality" and quoted in Greek books in the years plant 1.500 a.C.

The Arabs were responsible for cultivating this plant in Europe and hence, and because of their excellent qualities, their consumption is growing every day.

further It is an ally plant skin, improves digestion, activates circulation, decreases blood fats, prevents allergies, relieves pain and inflammation, and above all, It provides nutritional effects on the body.

And the strangest thing, is that the best way to reap its benefits is through drinks and oral intake. Although you can also find, in juices, yogurts, smoothies, smoothies, infusions,…

It seems that Now is the perfect time to change habits Y consume natural products, of closeness and even, grown organically in our own garden…you sign up?

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