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The Apple Watch will help improve the management of the room restaurants


A few days ago we saw as coming to stores technology with its big brother the iPhone 7, the new Apple Watch Series 2, a model of smart watch very similar in appearance to the previous one but with some significant improvements as their increased water resistance, a new dual core processor, upgrading the operating system and a longer battery life.

Perhaps this has been the trigger for the neoyorkino restaurateur Danny Mayer, certainly now one of the most important characters in the American restaurant industry, which it is also the founder of Shake Shack and President of Union Square Hospitality Group hotelier, It was decided to incorporate them into their staff with the main objective to improve customer service of its restaurants.

The project in question arises from an agreement between this group and the Resy booking portal, a start up with more than 500 Restaurants sits 200.000 diners at the table every week in the United States and which aims to integrate the Apple Watch in the restaurant service through ResyOs, the system created for it.

Next month, Meyer group reopens Union Square Cafe, a local flagship 30 years old in New York City, where They will begin testing for incorporating Apple Watch by the local staff.

The system consists of an iPad that is the central axis and which will be responsible for sending messages in the form of vibration to the wrist floor leaders and sommeliers. Waiters do not take this device because The aim is that these have no visual distraction and are only awaiting the tables and the treatment of their customers.

The Apple Watch alerts reach the head waiter at the restaurant

Initial alerts that notify this system to improve room management are the following:

-Those dishes on the menu that have been finished
-The arrival of a VIP guest
-Excessive waiting time from a customer
-Completion of the food diners and subsequent collection of coats
-It will advise the sommelier if someone asks for a bottle of wine

The idea is that with the passage of time sufficient experience is gained in managing alerts to incorporate new that facilitate real-time communication among restaurant employees.

In future releases it is intended that this information received by the director room expands to a CRM that allows you to see details about the person who has entered your restaurant on your smart watch. If you are a regular customer, your birthday, information about allergies and what their routine consumption and spending on site, in order to enrich their experience through personalized service surprise you.

It seems that with the incorporation of smart technology watch also wants to influence the Room Management, certainly one of the key elements to ensure the best customer experience in the restaurant.

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