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Google's intelligent assistant Duplex fails restaurants


Since its introduction in October 2018, Google Duplex attracted the attention of consumers with its performance. The artificial intelligence system intended mobile terminals provide the capabilities of a virtual assistant, the style Google Assistant.

Nevertheless, a year later, actual applications of this chatbot They are rather small, and penetrated the market it is timid at best.

Some unexpected problems have stood in the way of chatbot. One of the impediments that slow down the widespread introduction of software It is the novelty of the technology. The Google Duplex system, as well as other virtual assistants as Siri Apple O Echo de Amazon, They are pioneers in their field.

Although its use to perform menial tasks like putting background music or searching the Internet is widespread, users are still reluctant to delegate tasks more burden of responsibility to chatbots. Would you let Siri or Alexa gestionasen your bank accounts? Most people says no, and the same conclusion is reached whenever there are economic transactions involved.

Thus, Internet shopping through command, automatic seat reservation in a show or book a restaurant are tasks that are, often, excluded.

Of course, As long ago there was an inertia that opposed the expansion of purchases online, and these eventually became new standard; Hopefully in the near future, the mentioned tasks and many others are managed by virtual assistants. But is not it time.

And so we come to another óbices that Google is having trouble Duplex circumnavigate. Since the introduction of technology among the population is still minimal, many businesses do not know the system.

The Verge echoed a few months ago the interesting case of a New York restaurant where this happened just. In the Irish-style pub Sweet Aston dark beer was not all that abounded. Lately there had been receiving in the local call strange voice apparently simulated the staff blamed some campaign spam

Phone's display showed that the call came from Google, and Myriah, one of the baristas busy establishment, This only added fuel to the fire: as quirky and digital domain associated with the sender could only mean that the call was fraudulent.

When she was encouraged to respond and listen carefully to the conversation chatbot, he was surprised, surprised and a little worried: they had been losing customers by not knowing the latest technological developments and how these interact with catering sector increasingly digital.

We can assume that the experiences of Myriah are no exception to the rule, so striking that Google CEO, Sundar Pichai, the virtual assistant powered by artificial intelligence it referred as a resounding success. At the conference I / O, attendees expected to hear how they would improve the system, and so obtained it was a new revelation: Google now Duplex reach laptops and desktops as a web application.

The perception we have of virtual assistant in the upper echelons of information giant clashes with the experiences of a not inconsiderable user cohort. The reason why this is consistent and not contradictory lies in the strange workings of the tool.

To reduce the number of cases to interpret, Google Duplex attempts to contact the establishments you want to book through third party platforms exclusively dedicated to this task. A) Yes, the virtual assistant accesses the databases OpenTable, Losers O Yelp. When it is not possible to do so, artificial intelligence tries obtain information Google My Business to make the call. Here it is what often leads to misunderstandings as the Aston Sweet.

Since the monthly installments platforms reserve management charge are prohibitive for small businesses, minor establishments are most likely to receive strange calls from Google Duplex.

The level of computer literacy of those who attend the call plays an important role in how it is judged. A) Yes, while Myriah could clearly detect that the speech was hearing was that of a chatbot, Bee Thanaraksalakul, a foreign worker who attends reservations at a Thai restaurant, He was unable to tell the difference. This seems to be the case with most workers, however the fact that some people may doubt the veracity of the system calls into question the expertise of Google developers Duplex: restaurateurs can not afford to ignore your prospects, and therefore the technology company is in no position to ignore or dismiss this feedback.

The situation has more relevance, if it fits, in EE. THE. where calls from automated call centers or robocalls They are the order of the day. US citizens are very skeptical when it comes to care for unsolicited calls.

At the moment Google Duplex operation is not what one would expect. As noted by technology writer, night guru, "Duplex is still limited and, At least for now, It has minimal impact on service, except perhaps occasionally stir them '. Gurun points out that if there is something positive to emphasize artificial intelligence, That would be his "good education". Despite the different impressions of their interactions with the virtual assistant, Myriah both as Bee highlighted the kindness was clear from his conversation.

It is unclear whether this is an achievement of the machine or a call to self-criticism for consumers dealing with service.

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