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Self-ordering increases table turnover and improves restaurant profitability


The search for opportunities that improve the economic performance of the restaurant is one of the most common constants in the sector. This recurring concern is now joined by the need to provide a safe environment for the consumer in full coronavirus crisis. This happens to guarantee a correct disinfection of the premises and its furniture, for ensuring that social distancing is met and ensuring that the limited capacity is not exceeded.

He software self-asked is a low-cost technological solution that allows to attend to several of these points. These programs are provided to customers in the form of app mobile so that diners can make use of its advantages from their own terminal.

In this way, visitors can access from their phone to see the updated letter, the personalized offers, information about its characteristics (origin, presence of allergens, ingredients, etc.). The possibilities are really wide, since this tool includes translations of the dishes to serve foreign tourists without the language being a barrier.

The versatility of a letter digitized by software of self-orders is much higher than traditional printed menus. For example, the information available can be much more extensive without implying that the letter is saturated.

They can also be included high resolution scalable images. These will encourage diners when placing their order and also prevent misunderstandings when a dish is unknown..

But at the same time that all these aids are provided to the client, which greatly improve your satisfaction and user experience, the restaurant also perceives a whole series of invisible benefits for the visitor.

In accordance with Pikotea Software, a company from Cádiz that has achieved great traction in recent months thanks to the good operation of its software, one of the biggest benefits of using auto order tools is speed up table rotation.

With numerous restrictions imposed, and still valid, for all the autonomous communities that make up our country, and given the limited capacity they will probably stay with us until next summer, undertaking changes in the mode of operation that reduce the time each customer spends in the restaurant is a must.

According to the data that Pikotea shuffles, the use of software from autopedidos reduce 26 minutes on average the time each table is occupied. In relative terms, This supposes raise the service speed by 35%.

Such dynamization is achieved by eliminate waiting times for the taking of command (the client uses the app mobile for that), as well as when paying the bill, It has an integrated payment platform from which the client can pay without having any type of contact.

On the other hand, It is also worth highlighting the lower costs associated with errors. By eliminating intermediaries there are fewer human failures. Orders placed from a app like the Picotea they arrive directly at the POS and the waiter will only have to validate the order.

Self-order programs have not been limited to streamlining sales on-premise. The volume of business that is currently moving for home delivery options or takeaway is vital. Thus, he software self-order offers a direct communication interface with the restaurant through which to place an order without making a phone call, provide information on the place and time of collection, and track the order.

Centralize all information about the customer's order in one app allows the restorer better understand the customer profile, improve loyalty efforts and reduce customer service times that do not contribute to the restaurant's value chain. The restaurant is also protected against possible no-shows, since the collection for the delivery and collection services in the premises is made in advance, the user appears or not.

In the difficult situation that restaurants are experiencing in Spain, it is necessary to use all the aid that is in our power, the self-paced programs stand as one of the supports with the greatest potential among the various tools that populate the hospitality sector.

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