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The big data bursts in restaurants optimizing beyond humanly possible


Know her demography of business It is vital to manage it success. The more data you have, founded more decisions are taken. However there is a limit to the information you can usually collect, if it is collected some. This layer actions can be taken accordingly.

The macrodata or intelligence data, often referred to by the English term "big data», They intend to open a world of possibilities for restorers. In a sector terribly tight margins, to optimize decisions beyond the ordinary is a competitive advantage tremendous.

It is undeniable that intelligence data creates a scenario where it is easier to earn the daily bread. Here's why.

Review of American app big data industry-proven

Macrodata applications are still rare. This does not mean that they are mostly success stories. Adopting technology is in its infancy, and in the case of Latin America it remains to be done.

For fast food outlets whose business model observe the expansion to new locations, he big data It provides an irreplaceable tool locate hot spots. Erik Oberholtzer, CEO of Green Tenders, analyzes large volumes of data to decide where to open their next property.

The leap from a US coast to the other might seem dangerous, but it is done willingly when available guarantees based on intelligence data. For Erik, information he passed on deliveries made by Uber and Doordash the most desirable locations.

On the other hand, OpenTable, a famous app to find places to eat, It offers among its services Guest Center. It is a predictive analytics tool through which you can reserves anticipate potential customers. Scott Jampol, vice president and chief marketing company, He says binges with friends, romantic dinners and business meetings are predicted a satisfactory confidence interval. Unfortunately, the price of this service will be more than one choke. Remains relegated to large initiatives restoration.

Obviously not enough to incorporate a database of information collected during the visit Diner. He Restaurant important role in erecting the file It is unquestionable, but clearly it is insufficient. More or less effort, a restorer committed to new technologies can pick the time in which the reservation runs, Check In, the number of diners, the menu chosen, the duration of the meal and various other aspects. More fields are required.

The big data works best with large volumes of information. So when we only have internal data (those collected by the restaurant) there is a high risk of Skew perceived trends. Predictive analysis to be as reliable as possible must be recourse to external companies that link our data with data collected by other platforms, such as the ubiquitous social networks or financial institutions.

This is the role that meet companies like Avero, Salido or Upserve.

Avero is a New York company that helps restaurants detect inefficiencies in service diners. It has a Transaction history local industry with a cumulative amount of thirteen billion dollars, distributed 2700 establishments. Its main product, Slingshot, It is helpful not only for management but also for staff. In an interesting chronicle, Wired He explains how a A waiter Landmark franchise he could reveal that he was wasting money by not putting some heat on its recommendations for side dishes and wines.

Stepped out also it helps to highlight potential inefficiencies. With the difference that this software this for administration and human resources management.

By last, Upserve helps create custom profiles for customers. This data is used for different sources, including social networks. Thanks to Upserve, customers are identified before having a table assigned even, your name and your preferences They appear in the system. A) Yes, the waiters can provide attention as, minimizing incidents and making suggestions that are known beforehand successful.

How to apply big data to increase profits in restaurants

To see how the benefits are increased in restaurants thanks to the use of intelligence data is no utopia.

The first step is identify potential to apply this technology. Some recurring goals son:

  • Judging the correct dimensioning a new location.
  • furnishingA perishable ingredients based on predictive analysis.
  • Increase the success of calls to action.
  • Manage with certitude the high seasons and key days.
  • adopt trends newly emerging promptly and position themselves as leaders in the segment.

Of course, They are not the only. With a clear idea of ​​how to take advantage of macrodata, It sets the storage system, running the data mining, It is provided with staff training, quantifies the metrics and goals to address, and passed to action.

The next step is to perform a based monitoring measures on indicators and targets and implemented act accordingly, changing or continuing actions produce failures or advances, according to the case.

It is a process refined cyclical thanks to which one can be achieved full potential of a local.

The big data involves a radical change in restaurant management, and as in nature, only those who can adapt will survive. Are you ready to weather the storm next?

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