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The Brexit and put in the red millennials a 30% of British restaurants


Manage a successful restaurant had never been so difficult. Good ideas do not cease to be simply Ideas, and the execution thereof is prevented by a terrible reality in which the entrepreneur dedicated to the restoration has little to say: nobody is willing to give an inch.

In the UK this problem is well illustrated. A third of establishments in the sector are restaurants losses. Much of the problem lies in the collapse of a habit until rare: eating out. European millennials prefer to eat humble home and devote the money to other experiences, among which overseas travel. further, the market saturation It is shown by the increase 75% in the number of restaurants in the red.

Data are presented recently by the group accounting UHY Hacker Young. The company also forecast is unflattering; the current social paradigm, With rising employment costs, unbridled opening of business, reduced profit margins and declining confidence deposited by the consumer conspire to cook this recipe for disaster.

Brexit contraindications for the sector of hotels and restaurants

Not all problems facing restaurants losses of the British Isles can be attributed to cosmopolitan trends. The Brexit has also made theirs. The sword of Damocles hanging over the island citizens has led to the austerity in spending. The home first cuts were those for leisure activities.

This endemic obstacle is not a trivial matter even for successful restaurants. Many of them hire workers in the European Union agreed conditions beneficial for business. If the Brexit finally implanted, the EU could choose to impose visa restrictions for travel to the UK in retaliation, something that could be very damaging to businesses located there, well European workers make up the 40% of professionals restoration in the country, including a 75% waiters and 25% chefs.

A further increase the already undergone (well above the CPI) of funds intended for salaries could put many restaurants in the red.

very disturbing side effects

A negative spirit prevails, “a feeling that the party is over”, as expressed by David Strauss, general manager of the chain restaurantes Goodman.

Closures are not waiting: Italian franchise restaurants Prezzo announced the closure of 94 restaurants, the restaurant group owned by the culinary superstar Jaime Oliver also it plans to close a third of its stores, the bailout of Byron hamburgueserías agreed in January it means saying goodbye to 20 locales, Strada Italians announced their intention to remove 10 outlets and Square Pie went bankrupt.

The domino effect has prompted local business specializing in real estate market totter. Restorers have already made their warning to the British government: This has to intercede to stop a comprehensive disaster caused by job losses and closures harmful.

In a letter addressed to Foreign Minister Philip Hammond, Fifteen signatories related to the world of restoration ask “a thorough reform and reduce operating costs” in what they branded as a “turning point that requires attention focused now”.

While government inaction continues, new successful restaurant chains are attached to the epidemic of closures: Galvin Bistrot de Luxe, he 8 Hoxton Square, Smoking Goat on ...

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